Thursday, June 07, 2007

Brown Sugar Baby

Did you know you can take regular white sugar and molasses and make brown sugar!

Well I didn't until I needed some and didn't have it . So I ran to my trusty computer and taped a few keys and within seconds.... viola brown sugar ~~~ Its not as light as I like but I figure next time I'll add less Molasses....
Its works well for baked beans and well I made Ginger bread boys with mine. But you could use it for whatever you need brown sugar for ~~
while you might not see the need for Brown sugar recipes I did and maybe you will someday too LOL

I'll have comfort knowing you found what you need :)

now here's a page that has all sorts of Q&As : how do I ?

Well ......until next time ! This has been the first post I've made in quite awhile , mostly due to the fact I now have a life ,LOL ,Its called Bella Kay and here's why I melt every time shes near

Bella Kay @ 4 months
And with that said .......
~~Sugar Queen ~~

1 comment:

fracas said...

Ok, she is way too cute! She's sweeter than the sugar you posted. Speaking of which... that is invaluable information. I use brown sugar all the time and never knew that.

The link is great. Gosh, it sure was a great first post back!

Hugs to you too Judy!