Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Let them eat cookies!

Hi, My name is Judy, I own the Tiny Tiny Company called "Let them eat cake!"
This is my first blog comment here and I'm at a loss for words.
I guess I should tell you about the cookies to the right of here. They are pumpkin cookies I gave out for Halloween , of course they had my Business card tucked away on the back of the bag. My Husband thinks I'm really crazy for doing that but I said hey "free advertisement" is something we can use..... LOL
My story is quite simple , loads of years ago , before I met the wonderful husband I have now but also when I was much younger I took the Wilton cake decorating courses at a Community College and I did quite well .... I passed LOL
I learned much there and fell in love with cakes but I didn't do any thing with it , my Mom did , she went on to become quite the decorator and worked for a few large grocery chains here in Florida. I did nothing professional but did do cakes for friends and family . Well years later and also many crafts later I remarried and had more kids and went to work in the Electronics field. I worked there for awhile and then we moved to North Florida and I went into the Construction field .... That was a love/hate relationship I tell you . I got hurt in a car accident a few years ago and I haven't worked since. I went to the SS office and tried to apply but they think the pain I feel is manageable and that I can just hurt and work ......
I decided that I have to make money , I tend to push myself , I cant seem to find work in the area I'm trained for so I'm gonna make myself a job So I came up with "Let them eat cake" . I love to make cakes, cookies , candies pies and well any thing sweet.
I love to "kill" mixers too LOL I've "killed" 3 of them in 6 months!
I've given away so much , My Husband Georg is starting to look at me cross-eyed!
so I'm dreaming of my heavy duty Kitchen aide OR anything that's comparable LOL LOL
But I must actually make money to buy one . So this is gonna be the place I come to share my brainy ideas and maybe even some smart stuff too ....
So Let them eat cake!

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EllorionsAngel said...

So have you gotten any calls???
I love You!
I want a cookie!