Monday, November 06, 2006

It's monday again blues ......

It's Monday again and I'm feeling the "drag my butt around blues"
What I wonder is, Why we feel this dramatic tired feeling on Mondays... I feel sluggish and lethargic. But why , is Tuesday through Saturday zippier, power packed days ? or, is it that on Sunday we take a break and sit for a change , Thus the feeling that we MUST get up and move again on Monday.... I don't know the answer but I'm really wishing I did then I could avoid this feeling !

I am thinking of baking thumbprint cookies , Nutella is what I'm thinking of filling them with. I'll let you know what I actually do LOL

I have been reading other Bloggers posts and realize :

First . I gave out home baked cookies as well as store bought goodies for Halloween. I did place my business card in them, so don't call the police just eat the darn cookie and call me if you want more...
Second. I realized that others peoples blogs actually get read , I must place a huge LOL here, because I love to talk and so I guess I also love to blog even if it's just to me !

Third. I realized that I don't know many people , Most blogs I read are filled with places people go , the many people they know and food pictures every where (note to self , carry camera to grocery store).
That way I can snap off produce pictures to my hearts delight , now to find a grocery store that does not require your first born and a sworn statement you will not shop anywhere else before you can actually shop there.
honestly , have you noticed how much good food costs these days , Its like my electric bill, it keeps going higher and higher . You'd think the things we NEED to live with would actually cost just a bit less so that we could live better in order that we could work to make the rich richer .
but no its not that way ......
OK, so I said it was drag your butt Monday and In the re-reading of this post I find myself rambling away at Tuesday speed !
Have a great one and maybe someday I'll be talking to others instead of just me .......

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EllorionsAngel said...

I love the new blog Mom... Congrats on Starting the New Business!!! I am sure it will work out!
You will not be talking to yourself anymore you have your daughter to talk to love You and keep them coming!