Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Ahhh It's Tuesday ......

Where oh where has 7-11 gone ....

The Newly made over "Kwik E Mart" in Orlando, Florida.

I was reading the paper yesterday and found out that 7-11 has changed ,well at least for a month...
Did you know that a dozen 7-11 convenience stores in the USA and 1 in Canada, will be turned into Kwik E Marts. This is the store featured in the long running animatedshow "The Simpson's"
As part of a promotion for the July 27 release of the The Simpson's Movie, 7-Eleven transformed the stores during the weekend into real-life versions of the cartoon store, complete with red, lime and blue Kwik E Mart signs and products for sale such as KrustyO's cereal, Buzz Cola and Squishees (a knockoff of 7-Eleven's Slurpee drink).
All joking aside, 7-Eleven executives admit that the makeover targets the chain's core customers of children ages 6 to 11, teenage boys and young adults.
I think this a little amusing but also I feel that, there's always someone watching us, studying what we buy , where we eat , what credit cards we use, all to sell us on the next big advertising Scheme.

Power of sugestion.... I guess , well if you say so.

Back in the day the words"big Brother is watching you", was a phrase of surveillance for the Government watching what we were doing, but it seems others are buying into this too. I guess the advertising Companies are watching and taking notes, so that they can stay on top of the "Dog eat Dog" world of what sells us and what doesn't.
So what do you think will you find a Kwik E Mart near you .....

Daytona Beach "suffers from low self esteem"
It seems that Daytona Beach Florida has a low opinion of it's self, I wonder why....Mayor Glenn Ritchey told his colleagues at a mayor's advisory committee discussion of "visioning" Tuesday that The city, has a great beach, a great airport, a great Speedway, great universities and wonderful weather, he said, but the people in the community fail to see its beauty."We don't talk about what we are. We talk about what we are not, " he said. And he lamented later, "We allow other people to come to our community and behave in a way that they wouldn't do in their own towns."

You Think? I mean come on now seriously.....
If you have ever been to the "real" Daytona Beach you will see why.
It's almost a circus type showing during Bike weeks , Speed weeks and lets not forget the College Reunions and Spring breaks. The traffic issues alone are enough to make you pull over and cry like a dissatisfied baby.
We need the money from these events so, we have learned to live with them.
As unpleasant as that sounds.
A survey of the residents say that 62% of the residents rate the quality of life as "poor", 35% rate it as pleasing. I wonder what the others had to say.
I feel they might be the homeless, who, I'm sorry to say have no voice Because most people won't spend the time with them to hear it.....
This leads me to Daytona's big fix on that situation.....
Daytona Beach has a new program that they say, will clean up the streets and rid them, so to say of the homeless problems . It will also tidy up our sweet little City. They are going to contact Family members of the homeless and assure that the Family will help and then they bus them home, you know to somewhere other than Daytona.... This is a seemingly humanitarian effort.
I wonder though, have they really thought this out. I mean does the Homeless person really want to go back home to their Family, Some peoples Family have long given up on them in the first place .
I think that there are people like my Dad, He was homeless for years , He called it being a Hobo . He was a drunk and his Family grew weary of his lies and promises.
The sad fact of the matter is that many homeless choose to be that way , But there are others that have no choice.
There are Families that are homeless, they lost their homes because of many issues including: illness , cut working hours and a host of other things . For some even babysitting issues or the lack of, can cause the loss of the vital monies that it takes to keep a family afloat . It's the sad fact of life that many American Families live pay check to pay check, just steps from being homeless.
So in the end I wonder if they are just busing our problems to another City.
Will this really in the end fix this or are they shuffling the poor to another place so that we don't have to look at them,Its sad to me that people can be shipped off elsewhere and easily forgotten......

A Family mourns their loss, Their large loss.....
Sunday was supposed to be a day of fun and sun at Cocoa Beach for a family.
They left Orlando and took off for the coast, with two carloads of family and friends close behind.
Soon, the thick traffic on the Beach Line Expressway separated the group, so the Family pulled into the break down lane to wait for the rest of the cars in their caravan to catch up. That turned out to be a fatal decision . A truck in the wrong place crashed into their car and the family of 3 was killed almost instantly.
The really sad thing here is this could have been prevented , Not what the couple did , but the really low life idiot who was seen weaving in and out of traffic earlier and also passing in the break down lane.
I hope he knows what he did now and feels the pain he caused. It was something that, he alone could have prevented. He must have really thought he was the "MAN" to be driving in a lane secured for broke down vehicles.
He single handed destroyed a Families dreams and futures. Why someone would do this is beyond me, I used to work in Highway Construction, I know what can happen in the disturbed motion of traffic, but this wasn't one of those type situations, where the person could have been confused , No he killed them in a way that is so mind blowing. Why would anyone in their right mind think that passing in a break down lane is OK. If you're one of them type people, You need to have your head examined. I still sit in awe of this...
They are awaiting tests to see if the 29-year-old was drinking or using drugs of any kind. the man, Carlos Ortiz is still in the Brevard County Jail on three counts of vehicular homicide and one count of reckless driving involving serious injuries.
HA! wreckless driving is the last worry this jerk has!

Road rage has reared its ugly little head again
A road-rage victim says he cut off a speeding luxury SUV before he was shot. He was trying to block a SUV from speeding at rates well over 100 mile per hour ... My question to him is this :
Ummm, "How did you know he was going over 100MPH?" unless, you were traveling at the same speed and if that's true , Shame on you. I'm not going to say you got what you deserved because I don't happen to think Road rage is appropriate. It's still an anger crime to me. BUT : Mind your own business because, you riding along with the jerk going over 100, just to block him from speeding cant be safe to you or for me !

OK, now I will leave you with a bit of humor so that you can try and rid your head of all the really sad state of affairs in my town....



Day Dreamer said...

Wow...there's a lot goin' on..

Sad for that family, really.

And that motor home is MINE! (Okay, it's my uncles...but he's gonna sell it to me for a nice price...)

Marti said...

That Kwik E Mart thing is a hoot - thanks for sharing!

Best wishes for a glorious Independence Day!

Day Dreamer said...

PS...just love your site to bits!

Shelli said...

We don't have 7-11s here anymore.

I love the handicap sign.

The story about the family on their way to the beach just breaks my heart. That could have been us on our trip to Florida this past October. Very sad.

Shinade said...

yet another wonderful post. Bravo my friend. I do so hope you have a lovely holiday! As for me I have 3 that's right 3 tags and/or meme's to respond to. What a fabulous job you are doing!! Hugs~Jackie

Sugar Queens Dream said...

Day Dreamer, I love the motor home just perfect for me and my better1/4....

Marti, Yes it is a hoot....

Shelli, Thanx for the comment love.

Shinade , I always love hearing from you.


fracas said...

Judy, the photocopier one had me rotflmao.

Sugar Queens Dream said...

Fracas-If anyone knows humor its you.
I'm glad I could make you smile.