Monday, July 09, 2007

A few things.....

First, We are Moving... Not the Blog but the homestead.... We rent our Home so things happen to make moving a reality. This house was sold so we are moving to a new home :)
The new house is bigger and newer so even though I hate to move this one will be happy. I will not be able to hit my Blog everyday for a few weeks so if someone would like to do a couple posts for me, email me. SugarQueensDream at Gmail dot com . You can stand in for me LOL, Naa.... Really I just wanted to say that I will try and post but if I cant don't worry( like you were) I will be back.

Second thing.... I am now gonna do pay per post reviews of products. What can I say, I need the money and I hope it pays off. If not I will remove the ads. I have to make money somehow and this will help. I hope!
I also am looking for a job so this will become my hobby soon.
I really hope what I blog about makes you all happy. I try and make people laugh even of it is sometimes at my sweet families expense..... Don't worry they know , they just choose to ignore LOL


darlene said...

well, thats great!, a new home brings so much! looks, new ideas!!....however you will be missed, will add you to my blog roll when you are all set up and running in the new place!!...will miss coming to visit, hopefully it won't be long?

Christy said...

Hi, Good luck with your move, I hope you will be happy in your new home! I'm sure you'll have fun doing paid reviews, it's a fun way to earn money online.

I'll see you when you get back!:)


Shinade said...

Oh boy I know the feeling. I hate moving. You know once I get moved I always find it kind of fun unpacking and fixin' things up...but don't I hate to get the dang stuff all packed up. I am feelin' for ya' girl. xoxo~Jackie