Saturday, August 04, 2007

Lack of Insurance......

I'm sitting here at 1:47 AM, Awake and crying, Why you might ask, Well it's complicated, that's for sure....... But I will have to tell you THIS story for you to understand.
OK, so as I said...... I sit here in tears, Not because I have a broken heart or because I'm lonely. Not because I'm having a bad dream or because I'm arguing with anyone. No It's because I sit here in pain, I have been having pains in my back and leg now for years, but my right leg has gotten worse since our big move, Bad enough to cause sleepless nights, tears, and for me to question why...... I tried using aspirins, but that isn't working and So I sit here in agony and I don't understand why. My Husband makes pretty good money, I mean, we are not rich but we dang sure aren't poor either. This year the Insurance Company that Georg's Company uses raised the cost of Insurance, We have been lucky for the past 3 years we've had the insurance, The cost has pretty much stayed the same. We were devastated when this changed and knew that it was something that we would have to decided after three years if we could continue to keep. I have COPD as well as 7 discs in my back that are bad,my body is full of arthritis from years of working construction, I also have bone spurs on my neck and a collapsing spine , so the decision to let the insurance go was a hard one to make.... But with money tight and me being denied SSI disability benefits ( the government decides if they think your are disabled or not and you have to be falling over dead if your me to get it) we just couldn't make the decision to keep it. Now after living for 3 months without it I am in so much pain I can hardly breathe. It costs way to much to see a Doctor whenever I feel like it. My Doctor I have saw for 3 years refuses give me my medications unless I am a current patient, which slays me. I was on contract for my narcotic prescriptions, but she says I have to have a visit with her as a cash patient and my status will return to current, How I asked her did I become un-current, I mean just because I am now a cash patient, I had just seen her a week before our insurance was canceled. I thought I was current. It all boils down to money.
In this country(USA) approximately 45 million[as of August 2005] persons do NOT have health insurance. I'm sure there are countless other reasons why. Should we blame the increase in part to the continuing erosion of workplace-sponsored health insurance. A majority of Americans still get their coverage by sharing costs with their employer, though a smaller and smaller percentage of American jobs are now accompanied by medical benefits. I am not much educated in what our Government does for us people that are caught in between having to chose whether we eat or paying the high cost insurance premiums for our insurance so that we can live to eat.

I am sure that the Government employees get good Insurance coverage, I don't know this for a fact but I am fairly sure they do ........ I did read that President Bush is calling for reforms to make private health insurance more affordable for Americans without raising taxes, Now wouldn't that be a first . President Bush has also said : Rising health care costs make insurance too expensive for many Americans. *And this is a news flash to whom?* If your sitting where I sit you ALREADY know this!
Why can't we be like Canada, They have
publicly funded health care I think that would be great.
You can also read more about this here.
Most Americans play by the rules,We pay our taxes, we try to do the right things in life[ most of us that is] .
We wake up every morning and to go to our jobs that we have no health security at. There has got to be a way to fix this. I should be able to afford to see a Doctor no matter what, No person should live in pain or with an illness because they don't have Insurance and cant afford a high cost cash visit.
I don't know how much longer I will be able to hold out, living in pain. I awake everyday and I ache. I will have to wait to see a Doctor and live with pain but it is really hard to do. I don't know how many of you have lived with severe pain before but it is hard...... I just can't afford it right now, when will I be able.... that is a good question.


Tish said...

I'm so sorry to hear this, Judy. I hope things improve with your health soon, and I hope that insurance becomes affordable.

I am a Human Resources Manager, so part of my job is managing the company benefits. I am happy to say that my company continues to pay 100% of the premium cost (as well as 100% of the annual deductible) for our employees and their entire families. Our employees have absolutely no out of pocket costs for health care - not even any copays!

I must say, however, that premiums continue to rise an an unbelievable rate. Oftentimes the employers are hit with increases of 25% or more from one year to the next. And when that happens, they sometimes have to make decisions they don't enjoy making. Most companies opt to pass on the increases to their employees - at least in part. Very few companies do what my company does.

It breaks my heart to see so many people without insurance. I do believe that President Bush is committed to making positive changes to health insurance options. He has already made a lot of progress with Health Savings Accounts, which I am a huge supporter of. I hope he's able to do more before leaving office, and hopefully we will see a new president who is just as committed to making sure that the people are able to have affordable health insurance.

With your medical conditions, it is very critical that you receive proper care, and you can't get that without insurance. Please look into options that you may not be very familiar with, such as state-sponsored coverage. It might also be worth looking into individual coverage outside of your husband's employer. The benefits may not be quite as good, but at least the doctors would be willing to see you without you paying the entire bill upfront. I think you should make insurance a priority. If there's something else you can give up in order to keep the insurance, please do.

Best of luck to you. You're in my thoughts and prayers!

Loop said...

its so sad to hear how the American government has fail the American people when it comes to health care. thank god that in britian health care is relatively free..

EllorionsAngel said...

Sorry You in pain Momma!
I love you!

Rhea said...

Everyone should have health care, no matter what. Everyone should also have food and housing. This country needs a lot of repair.

Sugar Queens Dream said...

To all! of you TY for the comments!