Monday, August 20, 2007

Nice DOES matter

~~~~~~Nice Matters~~~~~~
I know some in the huge [Blogosphere] world think that being nice isn't a necessity, But My Friends let me tell you, it should be! I think just because we are behind a Internet connection should not be a reason not to mind your manors! I got the Nice Matters award from Tish over at The Kat House she got it from Miz Mouthy.
I, personally think Nice does matter and feel that it takes just as much effort to be nice as it does to be mean. I personally think that the nice works out better in the end. I live with the thinking that hate breeds hate and love breeds LOVE!
I know lots of nice people. I try and surround myself with only nice people. I choose the following people to have the nice matters award.
Auntie Dar's Life
Not a Granny
Polliwog's Pond
Life with Heathens!
Shinade @ The Painted Veil
OK, That's my Nicest of the nice list. Now pass that wand and make someone feel good about themselves. Remember Nice is always best!


Not a Granny said...

OMG..thank you...I don't really know what to say. Thank you.

Jo said...

Congratulations on your awards lately. You are getting quite a collection aren't you? :)

I think they are well deserved.

Sugar Queens Dream said...

Not a granny, Thank You !
I think you are nice and nice matters!

Jo, Thank You , I am very proud of these awards!


Tish said...

Congratulations! You definitely deserve this award and many more! :)

Sugar Queens Dream said...

TY Tish, That means allot coming from you!

Mike said...

You deserve it, Judy. You're definitely one of the nicest folks around :)

Sugar Queens Dream said...

Thank You Mike, Coming from another nice matters awardee that is awesome!

Shinade said...

Thank you so very,very much for including me...I am very are such a dear person yourself....oh's our anniversary on Sept. 7th....25 the big silver one!! Happy Anniversary hun:)