Thursday, August 16, 2007

~~Thursdays Tidbits, It's all good~~

Well, I did it, I managed to survive the Flaming rotisserie lesson with skin and hair intact [woot woot]
I also have managed to keep all digits this week, So another woot woot! This job isn't hard, it just causes one's skin to crawl if they stop long enough to think about the hazards, LOL, I don't because some of the past jobs I have had make this one look like a day at the beach... Of course there have been several reports of jelly fish attacks here lately , Sooo maybe that wasn't a good comparison.... LOL
I really enjoy cooking and have fried chicken for many years, this is just a deep fryer I would like to have at home, so I don't mind at all! The management are the best and I like everyone so far, well I smell lazy in a few of the new ones so we will see, LOL. I'm not saying I am great or anything, but hey I don't hide in the back and wash dishes all day, If I wanted to laze around I would stay at home and do it in my underwear, LOL!
I am loving learning Deli work, but seriously, I can't wait for my position to open up in the Bakery, LOL....

Happy news. My Daughter and the Sh*t head are staying here in Palm Coast for now, They have decided to try and make it right here. I wish them the best I really do, (what I'm really saying is I wish she'd drop the loser and find a real man) I have to learn that my kids are grown now and I am NOT important unless they need money or a baby sitter....* blink blink*

My daughter, Erin (who also Blogs , her Blog is called "The Queen Of E") and her Boy Friend, Justin are coming for the next holiday, which I don't know what that is LOL , its in September, I'm happy...... *woot woot*
Note to self, Make a cake or something.....

Will and Georg worked until 1 Am to help finish a job yesterday, I was lonely boo hoo, oh well, money money money.... Who doesn't need that!

*Yard sale canceled this weekend and set up for next weekend*

Another thing before I end.... C'mon Fuel my BLOG!!!!!


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