Thursday, September 27, 2007

2007 what has it held for you?

2007 has been many things for me. I have a Grand Daughter, My Baby turns 18, He finally Graduated from High School, NO one really thought h would a few years ago.... My oldest Daughter is moving north to be by her Mommy! I am so stoked! I have a Job. I have a kick ass blog! that last one wouldn't be possible if I didn't have YOU, Yes you my most loyal readers, You know who you are.... My life is probably better than its ever been, I have a wonderful Husband, Great Kids and truly magnificent friends!
Hey life can be good!


darlene said...

thats great Judy, glad things are wonderful for you, makes like all worth while doesn't it!!...;-)

Shinade said...

Yup I would say that right now you have a kick-ass blog and one heck of a lot of just put a big smile on my face:))))Love ya'Jackie

darlene said...

oh hey!! have been tagged for this friday Sept 28th.... hee hee

Sugar Queens Dream said...

Dar and Jackie, Thanks for the comments and thanks for the tag Darlene!