Monday, September 17, 2007

Happy Birthday John C.

I would like to wish my very Dear Bloggin Friend, John C, who authors several blogs [Homeless in Jacksonville, Homeless Family Blog] . He is also is a co-author on several others,[ Santas community blog
also Fuel my blog's blog] Happy Birthday!
I feel bad this has taken me all afternoon to post. It's just one thing after the other today....
So John, heres a toast to ya: I hold my glass to you my friend. I bid you Peace, Comfort and Joy..... I wish you all the happiness in life, I wish you the best of health and I wish for you all the love your heart can hold without spilling a drop.... Your not getting older my friend, just better..... Happy Birthday!


EllorionsAngel said...

Happy Birthday!!!
Hope you had a wonderful one!

With love,
Queen Jr. =D

DaddyP said...

I think he is getting older actually - but he looks quite good on it ...... in many ways.

John C said...

Thanks, huggable!

...are we having cybersex yet? Tell me so I don't miss it, KK?

Sugar Queens Dream said...

Thanks for the comments Erin and Daddy P,and you Shush John C. LOL LOL

John C said...

...that mean I gotta quietly sit in my underwear here while you do 'I have no idea what' over there?

I'm feeling naughty!

Sugar Queens Dream said...

I'm playing with my......... cast and of course my Dachshunds, thats what I'm doing! LOL LOL