Friday, September 07, 2007

*~*Let me introduce : Camaro Brothers with Sister Saroya*~*

I have to tell you all about a group of Musicians that I have found.... They are called Camaro Brothers with Sister Saroya. The Band has been tempting and teasing the Detroit Michigan area with their high tempo and soulful tunes for quite awhile and have recorded their demo CD and I am lucky enough to have a copy!!! The music is rock, with a bit of rhythm and blues,twisted in with just enough Christian music to tweak it right. I am happy to be able to spread the word about them because I am just privileged that way LOL LOL! Na, really I enjoyed the entire CD and already sing along on my way to work. The CD is called "Freedomland" and is bound to be one hit after the other..... There are some gutsy sounding titles such as , Reason for Beauty, Victoria(a favorite of mine), Sounds Familiar, Yolanda's Yesterdays,Black Camaro, King of Gypsies(Another personal favorite), Gumbo, Skin and Bones,Rise up, Freedomland(my biggest favorite!), Begin again and finally a longer version of Sounds Familiar. I kid you not this is some of the best music of this style I have listened to in a long time, I can't wait for more.....
Ron and Dave Thurah's Mother, Elizabeth is a friend of mine. She told me about the Band and I did some checking and found the music to be some that I would enjoy hearing and talking about. I am trying to promote them in any way I can, because it's about time someone real takes the music industry over again with something worth listening to. So if you will, come take a ride in the Camaro and lets ease on down the road......
Here are a couple links for you to check out, I think if you give it a listen you will see they are divine!!!
Camaro Brothers


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