Sunday, September 30, 2007

The trouble with....

The trouble with a person trying to get a bargain is..... They often screw the poor person trying to make a dime, out of any dignity they have left! We had another yard sale yesterday, Well Friday and Saturday. We were trying to make some extra money for several reasons, I am not going to go into why, really, it is personal. Well, if you must know, we were trying to raise expenses money for the 5 or more trips to Nemours in Jacksonville for our Grand Daughter Bella's Eye surgeries and exams. We also have the Boy who lives in the spare room's 18Th. Birthday this week (Oct.3). It wouldn't be so bad, but as you know I have not been working. Plus as some of you may or may not know it rained cats, dogs and little old ladies for the better of 2 weeks here in my part of Florida,well maybe MOST of Florida, My Husband didn't get to work most of that and bills are due at the first of the month...... So a little extra cash would be nice! We decided we would take the rest of the junk out of the over stuffed garage and sell it.( hey its going to goodwill or trash pile)
Sooooo after the long intro, I will get to the story of The yard sale PT#2
Friday, Jessica came over with Miss Bella to assist me.Jessica looking silly for a picture^
Grammy and Miss Bella putting on our happy face.....^
Miss Bella saying : enough all ready! ^

She says : let me lure you in to Buy, Buy, BUY^
In the end she was saying : Yard sales stink......^
So the Guys set it up for us and all we had to do was sit and watch people pilfer through our stuff..... Right! We started getting people right off the bat. the first guy was plain scary and I will never forget him ! He comes up on a motorcycle and he's bitching about my neighbor learning to drive and immediately stomps across our yards into her garage as she's getting out of her car and starts harassing her. He then comes back and the first thing the crazed man asks is this: do you have any guns for sale? How bout in there and he points to my house, do you have any coins, anything expensive in there? I'm thinking I have watched TOO many thrillers at this point because my heart is pumping about 100o beats a second and I just know my face drained of color! Number 1, Did this Moron really think if I had a gun, I'd tell him! And number 2 Ummmm ,are you a freaking Idiot, to ask this, When a person has a "yard" sale it generally means the stuff for sale is in the yard........ "you stupid thug go the hell away"!
The next bunch were Russian and they were there asking how much I want for this and for that and then saying to much and I said "Look if its to much go look else where"
The next bunch of people were from another country also and they clicked when they talked, OMG! I am not a person to talk about people BUT! I felt evil when these 5 people came up. They grabbed this and that and quickly and then spun around and grabbed my iron press, Its in excellent condition and I wanted 20 dollars for a 75.00 iron, but this woman was convinced she was gonna get 35 bucks worth of stuff for 20$ I kept saying NO! and she pulls "God will bless you" on me and that's when I said" Look lady, God has blessed me in ways you possibly can not understand, Buy the stuff or get the hell out of my yard"! I will not stand for anyone to throw GOD into the mix when they are trying to screw me! they kept saying 20 dolla I said NO! and they walked away...... Then she yells 22 dolla I said 28 dollars and she would say 24 dolla I said 29 dollars.... she looked at me and said hey you go up-click click- and then I said LOOK [bitch-was thinking this] Lady its 28 dollars take it or leave it , that's it! Of course they spoke their native tongue to each other and then like little robots came up handed me 52 dollars and tried to trick me again by picking up more than what they bought and I said "PUT THAT DOWN OR PAY FOR IT" and left....... I do admit when they gave me the evil eye while driving off and I was very afraid they threw roots on me and off they went to screw the next person...... The next group of ladies where very nice and explained to us that our signs were being blocked by the (Russians) having a yard sale too. Hey they called them "The Russians" not me even though I will say this, [if your Russian(I'm sorry ahead of time)] They were Russian and they were RUDE! they blocked our signs on purpose and they even, well hang on, that will come later. Some people are so sweet and some are so damn cheap and nasty I wanted to say: LEAVE this moment!
My Husband came home after we had sat there for 2 hours with not one person coming up and said "Hey did you know the Russians took all our signs down"! I said WHAT! and he said YES! and I drove over there and told them: LOOK don't rip my signs down again or else!
The signs stayed up from that point on and guess what, my customers started coming back, I can not stand people who try and prohibit others from doing the same thing they are doing, making a buck! Idiots!
For a Friday I was amazed at how many come out for yard sales. I also found something else people are much more likely to buy pure trash than they are to buy good stuff , even if it has a great price! That was not a joke either LOL! So Yesterday we sold a good amount also but still didn't get rid of the Snap ..... Georg has decided to get rid of the piece of Shit powerful machinery.... I said : dammit, WHY not Well honey, you will just have to keep her.....
All in all I learned this: people are rude, they will try and screw you out of a dime! then I also learned that their are really cool people out there that are the opposite of the jerks!
I also learned this NO MORE yard sales for me. I hate them......


Not a Granny said...

That is one reason why I do not do garage sales. I can't stand rude people. We have so much crap we would make a fortune, but then I would have to sit out there and communicate with buttheads!! Well, if I had enough wine...nope, not enough wine in the state!

darlene said...

yep i know all about it from the ones that i have had over the years...i dont enjoy having them but do enjoy going to them, yet have missed this year damn it all!
Bella is sooo cute....

Sugar Queens Dream said...

Not a Granny and Darlene, Thank you for the comments! I am seriously thinking I will never do it again! I don't like dealing with meanies!