Wednesday, October 31, 2007

~~Happy Halloween~~

Halloween Glitter Graphics

I would like to wish you all a very Happy Halloween!
Today, I am busy with my Delicious youngest Daughter Jessica, decorating and baking Halloween Goodies, such as Carmel Apples, Candy Apples and even Cookies. We are having Sloppy Joe's and French Fries for Dinner, With Cider and Pumpkin eggnog later. Georg and I will hand out candy and admire all the Witty bitty-s as they come to spook us out of our candy , We always do. We will enjoy the fact that we now have a darling Witty bitty of our own. Our Grand Daughter Bella Kay will be a giraffe this year as I have already shown a few posts ago......
Life is different once the Children outgrow the fun parts of holiday's and it takes either having another child (GOD forbid in my case) or a grand Child to help ease the boredom of life. So in closing have a wonderful day and eat loads of sweet stuff!
Sugary hugs to all....

Halloween Glitter Graphics


EllorionsAngel said...

Happy Halloween!

Queen Jr.

John C said...

::John runs through the blog VIRTUAL STREAKING all over her comment thread::