Tuesday, October 23, 2007

SnorgTees.com and FuelMyBlog roll in with this awesome Contest!!!


Have got together and are sponsoring this really cool contest to win 500.00 and a sporty T-Shirt!!
So come on help the Queen (that's ME) win this kick a$$ Contest!!!

If I won a T-Shirt, I'd pick this one, most likely.......Here's some real Important letters.....
To enter this competition, simply copy/paste this text: "I am a big deal blogger and deserve to win this funny t-shirt and win $500 because..."
Or this Image(s)
to your blog, you must tag (label) the post "snorgtees.com" (and fuelmyblog if you wish!) and link to this competition page so everyone has a clue what is going on! The blog on fuelmyblog that receives the most votes in October (view the top 100 here)wins $500 in cash, the 99 runners up win a T-Shirt, so get everyone voting folks! One top entry per week gets to choose anything on Snorgtees site free, so it is worth making an effort! And Snorg will send their goods to any country, so this one is for all of you!

To win, your blog must be featured in the top one hundred voted for blogs on the last day of October 2007. If your blog is in the top voted for 100 blogs without an entry post, it can not win, sorry but these guys are sponsoring this and want to see a little love in return for 100 hundred T-Shirts! The blog that wins $500 will be that with the most votes on the last day of October. The weekly prize will be given to the blog post that catches the attention of snorg (and it needs to be in the top 100 list), by winning this weekly prize, you can chose any one item from their site FREE, that's right, anything!

So come on "I am a big deal blogger and deserve to win this funny t-shirt and win $500 because... I love Fuel My Blog and Snorg T shirts!!! I could tell you, I would do something really nice and all with the money, but if truth be known: I'd roll it all into my Business and try and start a web site selling "Gum Paste" Flowers so I could stop slaving away at this job, I know, I'm NEVER going anywhere at......"
So come on FUEL MY BLOG!!!!!!!!!!




And HERE again!

Come pour some sugar on me!!!!!!!!


Daddy Papersurfer said...

I laughed ....... and I like laughing.
Gonna vote now ........ whoosh

darlene said...

here is some fueling for you...;-)