Thursday, November 01, 2007

A little linky love, well plus a little fracas envy.....

I posted this for Fracas yesterday and the Linky Love person had issues with no love for them.... *sigh* and huge *grins* soooo without further ado:
Sugar Queen


Deanna said...

I found you listed at fuelmyblog and I just had to comment on how yummy your blog looks! Sorry to hear about your job and I hope you're over your cold soon.

Sugar Queens Dream said...

Well thank you Deanna, I enjoy new and old visitors!
Come visit often~~

Linky Love said...

Oh, I just need to ask... let's see if fracas is as sweet as you when we ask her to share the $500 :-)

Have a nice day!


Linky Love

fracas said...

Dang it but I haven't hit Technorati to check links for a bit and I thought WP was back to normal. NOT. I didn't see this link Judy and gawrsh but you wrote a note and all.

I love you so. You're a good egg. (See, I can make food jokes too.)

Your table is totally awesome. I'm coming there next Haloween!

(Pee ess to Linky... stop provoking stuff or I'm going to give daddyp the money so as to spank you. lol)

Linky Love said...


You can save $250 by giving the other 250 straight to me in stead of to DaddyP and I will spank myself (cutting out the middleman...)

Sugar Queens Dream said...

Oh you guys, I wish I had enough sugar to go around LOL
Hugs to all of you~~
Sugar Queen...