Tuesday, November 13, 2007

So you wanna know me.....

Greatest Myspace Survey
About You...
BirthplaceFlint, Mich.
Current LocationPalm Coast, Florida
Hair ColorBrown with grey
Eye ColorHazel
Height5 Foot 2 Inches
HeritageIndian, Black, White, Purple,
Your fearsDeath,unknown
Your weaknessBella-My Grand Daughter and cake
Goal for todayclean my bedroom and post on my Blog
Goal for this yearmake a quilt for a wedding in June and sell more desserts
Lifetime goallive long and prosper
When do you want to get married?have been twice,13 years first -19 so far this time
and to whom?larry the ass first and my sweet Georg now
Ever been in love?yes
Currently in love?yes
Do you think you are attractive?sometimes
Your best physical featureI have a killer... legs
Have you ever...
eaten Sushi...yes
gone skinny dipping...yes
been beaten up...yes but i was weak at that time in life
wanted to kill someone...at times but I would never do that unless I had to
gone a week without MySpace...hell yes!
gone a week without TV...no, why would I
Who's the last person to...
kiss you...Georg
say hi to you...Georg
talk to you...Sandy
What's the last...
Time you cried?yesterday when Georg left for Alabama
Book you've read?a bio on Bill Clinton, it was good
Store you've been in?Wal-Mart, I sometimes live there....
Can you...
Dance?can't everyone ?
Speak a differenty language?a little of German and Spanish and a teeny bit of French
Cook?Oh yeah baby
Write w/ both hands?yes but I'm basically right handed
Whistle?when I have my teeth in LOL
Finish the line...
If I had a...Job in a Bakery
I wouldbake cakes and decorate them
So I canmake money

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Olga, the Traveling Bra said...

Sugar Queens - We are the same age! But I have had 1 more husband than you! HA!

Christy said...

That's awesome, I feel like I'm spying on you reading all of that information, lol. You're tiny like my mom!! (She's the same height as you).

Sugar Queens Dream said...

Dearest Olga, Your divine dahling!
Sweet hugs to you~~

Sugar Queens Dream said...

Dear Christy,Spy away sweet girl, I think you are the cherry on my sundae!