Monday, December 31, 2007

Happy NEW Year!!!

Miss Bella has been very sick for the past few days but she still loves to sleep in grammys arms...
Miss Bella woke this morning feeling better and ready to ride her new pony!
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Myspace Layouts

Wow 2007 is at a close and a new baby year is at our door steps.....
What are you wishing for in the new year? I myself, seem to be pretty set up for a great 2008. The past year has been really wonderful and things have progressed into the comfort zone I always dreamed of as a young woman. My Husband, Georg is a hard worker and a serious provider, he has always kept his side of the bargain when it came to providing for our family. I would like to start saving now, we spend a lot of money on things for everyone, but with my health not being as good as it could be and Georg's the same at times, we need to save for our future. So thats one thing I would like to get serious about this year!
Another thing is I would like to write a cook book, one of my personal Family recipes and our holiday traditions, I have always had a flair with decorating and baking so I would like to write it down for my future generations.
I would like to help make the earth better for future generations, trust me it can't hurt! I would like to make people smile when they think of me.....
I hope that each of you has the best new year and that ALL your dreams and wishes come true in 2008!
I think you are such a wonderful set of Bloggers and even consider you my Friends.....
I will be back in the new year- stronger, more consistent and hopefully I'll have a lot more to Blog about. This has been the most incredible year ever and all of you can thank your selves for making it so good for me!!!
Happy 2008 to you!


Christy said...

Hi Judy,

Happy New Year! I hope the baby is feeling better soon, it's sad when the little ones get sick during the holidays. You're a great grandma!

I think your goals sound great, and I'd be the first one to buy your cookbook!! You definitely have some advanced skills!

Saving money is one of my goals for this year too..My oldest daughter will be ready for college in four years, so there's some motivation for me.

Hope you have a fun night tonight, love and hugs and best wishes!


Not a Granny said...

Happy New Year to you! Hope 2008 brings all you would like.

I loved your Christmas photos!

nursemyra said...

what a beautiful beautiful baby

happy sugary new year to you and yours

Sugar Queens Dream said...

Christy, I am always with a smile when I see you visited! I did have fun and I even got a bit tipsy, which is rare for me!
Hugs and the best of all new years to you!!!

Sugar Queens Dream said...

Not a Granny, OOOh thank you! Hugs

Sugar Queens Dream said...

Myra, Thank you!