Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Everyone needs a little sugar, don't they.....

Don't you just love baby hands..... stuffed with their food or toys. I love little things like this, more than any gold or diamonds, little ones always bring greater joy!

Ok, so I'm fired up and ready for a new day. I decided that no matter what, life is kind to me in more ways than I can say.
Yes, I have kids that are living at home as adults, but you know what, I have lost 2 Children to death, so having these ones close(a little too close at times) is fine with me, now I have to tell my sweet Husband, LOL
OK so Fracas thinks I should use the slogan" Everyone needs a little sugar" what do you all think? I'll take votes now for that, leave me a message.
Everyday I have a list at Fuel My Blog, I go down the list and vote, I do this because I like the Blogs I vote for, it's an added bonus I like the Authors too, well added for me! I leave a inspirational message every day. I think that me saying something nice to you, makes your day go by better... What a cool website Fuel my Blog is, Thanks to Kevin D for bringing us Bloggers to a site just for us, to promote us and to fuel us up to be better Bloggers! I think he rocks!
Mel, Author of Attitude, the ultimate power stopped by my Blog yesterday to say Hello and to leave me a hug~~ What a sweety pie!
Please forgive me for griping yesterday, I try to be as positive as I can be! It will work it's self out and hey I love my Family so this too shall pass....
( no John, I can't pee in a bottle so thats out) Sorry I had to leave that secret message for a certain John C.)I won a contest over at John C's last year. Here's a photo of the package and its contents. LOL, I was really kind of shocked at the rubber gloves and napkin......LOL, I don't know about that guy sometimes! LOL LOL

I am starting that book I was talking about in other posts, you know the one, the cook book. It's got a title: "Family Secrets". Wish me luck and the strong will to finish this....
Bella is almost over her cold, I felt sorry for her, she had a very bad ear infection to top it off. she went to the hospital 3 times before they found that out, oh yes and to her personal Dr's office too. I swear I could be a Doctor! I told everyone she had the ear thing, but they said "Oh no, her ears look fine", well when she wouldn't stop screaming at the top of her lungs in pain, they listened then!
OK, so for now thats my post for the day, I've fueled you please fuel me, you know the place....

Everyone needs a little sugar!


Erin said...

Sounds like a good slogan Mom.
I love you!

Diva said...

Oh Sugar!!! You can gripe all day long and I'd still love you!!! Look at me, I gripe and moan constantly and still manage to smile about it all!!!!!

I like Frac's idea for sure. I think it's SWEET!!!

xoxooxoxoxxoxox and much love!!

Olga, the Traveling Bra said...

I fueled ya and I love ya and I second Diva's remark...you can gripe all day & we'll ALL still love ya!!!!

Hang it there Sugar...you have the right attitude, but it sounds like you have a lot on your plate right now....and I am concerned that maybe your new bra isn't being supportive enough? Do I need to come down there and have a little "chat" with her?!?


fracas said...

It is a good slogan but to make sure people understand it right, I didn't think of it. You said it to me in a comment and I just told you it would make a good slogan, because, well...

Everyone does need a little (Judy) sugar!

Mwah to you.