Monday, January 07, 2008

Happy Monday, Happy Everyday!!!

This makes me smile every time I see her do this look LOL.... She knows when the camera is about to take a picture and she HAMS it up!!!

The above photo is behind Georg's Dads house. In the water is, Manatees. I hate to say this because of the things you think when I say it, BUT it's the truth, the state wildlife people come out and do all sorts of testing and such. Its a love den for the manatees, a massive love fest takes place in this canal every year and babies are born and grow up here. They are very cute but it sorta grosses me out seeing that many in a wildlife orgy LOL LOL LOL

I'm back Y'all, I was down in South Florida for a few days and when I got back I realized I can't leave home for just a few days, even the ashtrays don't get emptied *sigh* I have no Half N Half for my Coffee, they put garbage bags on the concrete floor of my garage and that grosses me out!
I realize I promised to be nicer this year but for f sake cant they help me?????? Hello people......
I also realized......I have shit {I tried to spell this another way and spell check wanted it to be spelled correctly} loads of work to start this year out with, thats for sure! Georg and I have not been doing much lately as he's been in Alabama... The way the jobs are going, Georg will be out of town a lot now. The company has decided My Georg is the best Pile driver in all of the state of Florida, Psst. I could have told them that! The day I met Georg 20 some years ago thats what he did, He would climb the hammer and get it set to drive concrete piles in for huge Bridges... He was just a youngster then, now he's a pile master. * well *I am* bragging* So now that the Company has branched out these other states are seeing my Husbands capabilities and it's quite simple, they want him! He's looking at these possibilities this year for travel: Honduras, St Thomas* I want to go* Virgin Island, Bahamas* I want to go here too* back to Alabama, West Palm Beach, the sky is the limit for Georg this year. I am so envious of his skills... Of course, Not really, because I have skills of my own. But still with all the travels this year we are sure to miss each other here and there. Of course I am going to visit on some of the jobs if they last more than a few months!

I sat and thought yesterday how lucky I truly am, I have a great family, I have great friends..
I also thought about the fact that this year I will be 50 the reality sat in on that and I realized I will be half of 100, thats not a little kid anymore.... I will have to face things in the near future that I never want to.... I get very worried that I wont get to see Bella grow up or that I wont ever have more Grand Children. I am working on doing things for me, as soon as I get this house fixed back up I am starting to paint and quilt again! I am good at these things so why not get a move on!
*update* I checked in with my Christmas Families and they are doing well, one of the Husbands has a new job and they are moving out of the mission.... I can't say this enough, help me help others to get up and get on with life!!!
10$ 20$ 100$ 1000$ anything!
I think if every person voluntarily stopped to help another person there would be no need to have charity. Of course people have to WANT to help their fellow man and I can't force you to do this, so think about the other person always.....

Will you remember me everyday as I do you and FUEL my BLOG!!!!!!!
OK well this will have to do for today I am already yawning so I can imagine what y'all are doing LOL LOL~~

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Diva said...

Good morning and Happy Monday to you!

I understand about the NOBODY HELPS AROUND THE HOUSE issue. I have a houseful of people who do absolutely nothing if I'm not there bitching about it!!