Friday, January 25, 2008

Pour some sugar on me!

I love Def Leppard and this song is perfect for this Blog!
Life is good right now for me. My Kids could have better things happening for them but as far as Me, I'm good....
This weekend I will start painting again. I have been thinking about it and think it's a good time to do something for me. I love to paint and am actually pretty good. Other than the fact I hate to take breaks while I'm painting I have true fun doing it! I Tole paint, I have thousands of bottles of paint and plenty of surfaces to paint on, I'll be sure and let you see the finished products!
Bella is growing like a weed and next month is already her first Birthday, the third!
heres a few photos of the little Princess:
Bella loves taking a bath, but then what toddler doesn't!

~~When I grow Up I will be a Queen ... Like my Grandma~~
~~Splish Splash I'm taken a bath~~

You all have the BEST day ever, stay sweet and always eat cake!


Diva said...

Ok, when you're done painting there... you can venture north a wee bit and help me do the downstairs of my pad. It needs something desparately.

Bella is a sweetie pie. Bath time is my favorite time with Tyler as long as I have my waders handy!

Have a blessed and wonderful weekend, beautiful!
xoxo Diva

Liza S. said...

She is so gorgeous!!!

Sugar Queens Dream said...

Diva my Sistah, Hugs babe and Thanks for the comments... I'm so lax at commenting back... I am a slug!
Hugs babe... here's a sugar cookie for you too....

Sugar Queens Dream said...

Liza S... Thank you! We think she's simply divine~~

astrogalaxy said...

I love this song!