Thursday, February 07, 2008

an award of love-a response

I found this picture of me over at Jackie's place. I loved the shot of me then, as much as I do now. I always try and put as much of me and my life into this blog. I like showing you the sweet side of me and the sad side of my life. I try to keep it real, while also pourin' the sugar on ya!

My loving friend and confidant, Jackie from The Painted Veil handed down this beautiful and meaningful award to me, it came from PurpleFrogCat.
I cant tell you Jackie how much this means to me, of course You always show me the love by handing out awards to me and to others, you are as real and wonderful as your Blog shows.

This little Sugar Cube[ME] is runnin on empty, I'm tired and I'm not very witty right now!
But I always try and add a little sugar to your day as often as I can, I realize that:But I still try and be as real as I can be!
I would love to say this to my very, very Dear Friend Jackie:
You are as sweet asand : I just have to tell you HOW much I really love you as a friend!!

Thank You Jackie for this wonderful award....
Pourin' the Sugar on one grain at a time......


Shinade said...

Oh my goodness Judy...see you just did it again!!

You lit up my day.

Wow are you just the little sneak...full of sugar and surprises!!

Much love to you:):)

Sugar Queens Dream said...

Much love back Jackie.....
I am trying to pre-write some posts because I will be gone from 02-15 to 02-23. I just don't have what it takes to pre do anything LOL LOL LOL

Skittles said...