Friday, March 07, 2008

Holy cow Batman, She's alive!

Yes, It's true, I am alive! I'm sorry I haven't been writing and fueling you all, I had Jury Duty Monday and then the rest of the week somehow was gone right before my eyes.... Remember when I said my Oldest Daughter, Queen Jr., was moving back home? Well that never happened and even though I miss her, I am happy She and her long time Boy Friend are trying had to make it work, I wish them love, happiness and lots of snuggles....
Well as far as the rest of my brood, Jessica and Robert rented a place, They moved out day before yesterday. While I miss Jessica and Bella, I am happy to have my household number shrink by 3.
With them moving it means we can start having steak again, we don't have to be quiet after 8 PM and we don't have to wait for the washing machine to be empty to wash our laundry. It also means that "the Boy in the spare room" gets to have all the attention to himself most of the time. Speaking of him, he was rushed to the hospital 3 days ago because he knelled down at work and a barnacle punctured his knee cap. They dug around and got all the barnacle out of it. He then found out he was hyper sensitive to the sun due to the antibiotics they gave him, so now not only does he limp, but has a really bad sun burn. Steroids and a shot in the ass for the allergy's and hes whining quite comfortably at work again.... Only William, although I was really glad they said he had a reaction because Georg might have thought he was dragging this latest injury out...... (trust me it wouldn't surprise me) I woke up this morning sick, my chest is tight and it hurts to cough so I'm drinking lots of fluids and taking it easy for the next few days.... I just wanted to let you all know I'm alive and I'll get well soon so that I can get back to my favorite pass time, Blogging!
Hugs and as usual :
Everyone needs a little Sugar!


Bobby said...

Hi Judy!!! It's nice to see a post from you:)

Always remember...your blog is always here and so are your friends!!! I like doing jury duty sometimes...especially a really nasty divorce case...hahaha:)

catscratch diva said...

I'm glad to see you're back around. I hope you feel much better!! Rest and relax.

xoxo Diva

Day Dreamer said...

Hope it doesn't get a hold of you and bring you down. Good job on the fluids.

Feels good to get the house back even if you do love 'em!

John C said...

I've heard of barnacle butts, but not barnacled knees. Glad he got it out, otherwise DP'd be jealous and want one.

Glad your back. :)

Caramel Corn said...

just drop by to say hi hi

Diane said...

Hope you are feeling better soon - take care of yourself!

Hugs for you :)

Sugar Queens Dream said...

hugs every one!!!