Wednesday, April 02, 2008

This N That

As I was surfing the last of the free world order.... Hmmm, maybe not.
I found some wonderfully funny stuff!
For all of you who really want to see Fracas's B@@bs? Well take a look here and see what I mean when I say they are embossed perfectly. If you want, you can get the whole story here! Of course 2 of my most favorite [man~ ~candy] in the world have chosen to be at her breast and call, as Olga would say. I had no clue that Fracas was carrying around such a torch for those two. I will investigate further and if anything eye popping comes about, at least you can say you heard it here first at the Sugar Shack! [editor note]: if you are trying to find John C.'s Blog Life Onwards... He's helping save the manatees or the world or even an old lady cross the street right now so wait, listen and twirl your thumbs, He'll be right back!]
Rotus found something so funny and well, very educational also, this week. here... I think once you see the whole story you will be rolling too!

Daddy P has this way of bringing on the water, well making you laugh so hard you could possibly piss your skivvies! Well it matters not, because since he's got new teeth, [I think] we can all party, He can't say much that any of us will understand, so I say: Party like a rock star! and don't forget your fixodent, polygrip or even Super Glue if ya got it... hey if nothing else, you 2 over there with your real teeth, can sniff the glue, purely for medicinal purposes, I don't know what that would be but ask any one of the DP's fan club card board cutouts and I'm sure we will offer up something useful! Anyway hop and skip but DON'T jump on over and have a laugh or three....

I went to an estate sale this past weekend while down south at the in laws house, It wouldn't have been so bad, but the poorly departed persons items, we were looking through were people we have known for eons. There's something about thumbing through someone you knows personal items that sort of freak you out just a bit. On the happier note I got some really cool stuff and its really good stuff!!

My Hubby also bought me a Lee Middleton limited edition doll at a yard sale for 5 $, its worth about 150.00 USD Wow! who would of thought a vinyl doll could be worth moneys!

I am cleaning my carpets this week, I'll be here and there, we also bought new living room furniture this past weekend... duty calls!
Have a pleasant week-J
Sugar to you and you and even YOU!


Daddy Papersurfer said...

Normally I wouldn't hang with John ....... obviously ....... but there were pressing reasons this time - tee hee.

You are a sugar Sugar xxx

[did you see this BTW?
.. sorry, can't do clever linky things]

Sugar Queens Dream said...

Hanging with John isn't the worry you should have right now, getting all that super glue off the back of your head[s] could be the issue!
I on the other have confessed sleep walking, as I had NOT seen that post in my awake state.... It makes me wonder what I do whilst asleep that I don't know about...or not
Sweet Sugar to you

Olga, the Traveling Bra said...

I'm just glad I don't have to support those two ( . ) ( . )'s

fracas said...

LOL Judy, It's not really about a "torch" so much as I just couldn't think of anyone more fitting of the title.

Wouldn't you agree?


Catscratch Diva said...

I loves estate sales, but yah, if it is someone your know (knew) even as an acquaintance, it can be a lil creepy!

Can you come help me with my carpets next?

John C said...

It took me three days to pull DP's face from the other side of my bathroom window.

I think he overdid it with his new use of dental adhesive, cause every time I pulled him off his body just snapped back and slapped the glass.

I won't tell you really what I've been doing. It might get out and people would be trying to pay me to do it for them.

They'd be ticked because they couldn't afford me. Muah! Missed you guys too, Judy.

Sugar Queens Dream said...

You ALL are blessings to me, I adore each of you!