Saturday, May 24, 2008

For everything there is a season or seasoning!

Hi Y'all...
Wow, can you tell I'm from the south or what! I have no excuses for being absent other than I am lonely and lazy....Well plus, I am working on new beading projects. I have learned loom beading and I am afraid I am abusing my privilege with it! I also bought a new PC game and it has really saw that I become addicted to it. The game is Westward 2, It's so much better than Westward 1. I have found the sheep! Wha~hoo! There is this one quest that you have to go in to tornado valley... I have not beat that quest yet and am afraid I never will! Oh well I beat cooking academy in 2 days , so I'm stuck with Westward 2 until I beat it or I become so pissed my eyes pop out of their sockets!

Georg came home the 16TH. for a few days and let me tell you it was a bittersweet symphony when he left! On one hand I am the envy of many women who would pluck their eye teeth out for the freedom I have and on the other I would gladly have him home again. I hate nights alone, sleeping alone and well, even eating alone! On the other hand I love eating ice cream for dinner -in bed and also wearing my Jammie's all day! The thought that I have to deal with frogs visiting-EEK!, taking the dogs out at night alone (my mind plays tricks on me and I think someone is watching me) and dryers breaking down is enough to give up all the privilege I have been enjoying!
While Georg was home we celebrated our Daughter Jessica's 22 Birthday- I made the cake-Ooh yeah! I wish I would have made more butter cream , but that is an after thought.... I'm gonna show ya don't worry! I also made lasagna and garlic bread- It rocked!

Miss B isn't feeling really good right now, Gramps gave her his cold. I'm sure she will be fine just not her usual smiley self~~ Georg is heart Broken about this but like I say, who knows maybe it came from somewhere else and
My health isn't what I would like to say is good right now But, I get back my health Insurance June 1, So watch out Dr. A I will be descending on you like a swarm of bees... I'm sure you can't wait!
Well that was rude, my power just popped off! Thank God I have Firefox. It saved my work and restored my post!
So where was I , Well as I say my health is going down hills in more ways than one but I will keep with the program and can't wait to see my Doc!

Ok so as I said I took pictures and I'm sure some of you can't wait and others I'm sure are dreading it, so here goes nothing or in my case Something! :

Bring on the presents!
~~Miss Happy Pants~~
My sweetie and his 29 inch Redfish
Miss Bella went missing while I was making the bed and this is where I found her. LOL
She woke up saying Ba Ba, which means bye or bottle or about a hundred other things LOL
My Son with Guy Harvey- He's a famous marine artist.... They got lots of pictures and autographs. Georg was very very stoked about getting to meet him. He says he is very down to earth.

My sweet baby girl. She has a smile that lites my heart up and I'm sure she keeps me alive.
Jessica and her Yum-O Rachael Ray cook Book.
What a face!
Georg has lost 15 pounds. He looks so much thinner to me. He quit drinking beer.
Jessica's big fancy cake. She loved it but I of course see all the flaws.
She says IF she ever gets married I get to make her wedding cake LOL LOL
Bring on the water and put that fire out. No really we all had a beautiful day with lots of wonderful memories....

Well Friends, I am going to leave you with these thoughts of Family....
"There's one sad truth in life I've found, While journeying east and west
The only folks we really wound, Are those we love the best.
We flatter those we scarcely know, We please the fleeting guest,
And deal full many a thoughtless blow, To those who love us best."
~Ella Wheeler Wilcox
Love your Family with all of your heart, don't be selfish with your time, make your time together as special as it can be. Love, laugh and live.
Memories are ours to make, to keep and to cherish always.
As always Sugar to you and yours....


Daddy Papersurfer said...

Thanks for the update Sugar - and I can't fuel you today cos I'm naughty as you know!!!
There I was reading along when suddenly 'Well that was rude, my power just popped off!' - brilliant. It was the 'Well that was rude' got me - luckily I wasn't drinking my tea at the time.
Mega cake BTW


Shinade said...

Oh I have the biggest smile on my face ever.

I love the the cake and of course all of the pictures.

But, Bella in the shower is simply over the top cute!!

I am sorry to hear that she has a cold. And to hear that you have not been feeling well.

And I know all about being alone. It can get spooky sometimes. At least you don't have a mountain lion that hangs around your house.

LOLZ....I was always going out with a hugs mashetti(sp?)...LOLZ....Walter just laughed at me and told me to stay inside.

If we loose another goose we just lose it.

Oh I am so happy you are posting again!!!

Big Big Hugs to you and all!!

Just bouncing along down the road in the back of this truck....Grrrrrr..typing is a challenge!!

Daddy Papersurfer said...

Don't take the 'snuff' to heart Sugar. I snuffed everybody yesterday. I'm trying to get the snuff button banned from FMB because I don't like it - that's why I asked people to snuff me back - it probably won't work .............

70steen said...

Lovely family photos there Sugar
Hope you and Bella are feeling better soon

Joyoz said...

dropping by here for a long time hehe....the cake makes me starve lol!