Saturday, May 10, 2008

A picture's worth a thousand words unless.....

I would have had the sense to take before pictures....
I didn't so we will have to live with that fact!
OK what you're about to see will clear up any fogginess about me and my house. Well maybe, I'm not rich, I don't have Mercedes or anything like that. I am a country girl with a down home sense about me.
So I present to you my house:

My dry sink- full of dry stuff....
This china cabinet has all my memories of the kids and Georg and well also my massive collection of snow globes. The finger prints are Bella's she loves to touch stuff!
This is the chair I just HAD to have and have no place for it so I crammed it into the over packed living room!
Will's blue and yellow bathroom~~
Bella's room when she is older~~ Right now it houses Mothers and Mothers in Law when they come to visit~~
I have a growing collection of cookie jars. I love them! and I must love apples or else who would put a apple sign up in their kitchen, LOL
My sewing area, It needs work but I just don't know what to do with it yet. All the plastic boxes have beads in them. Thats my newest craft. Jewelry~~
My beading, painting, scrap booking sitting and thinking area~~
My kitchen, I love red, can you tell!!!
Dinning room, The china cabinet there actually has dishes in it LOL
My OVER stuffed and small living room, notice the flat screen Telly. Georg and I always wanted one so this past Christmas, that was our gift to us....
Over in the corner is Bella's play kitchen, it's in the way as Georg's stereo is stuffed in the corner, we have a beautiful cabinet for it that came all the way from Japan, but with Bella's toys in the way- what to do.....
My bedroom. Yes there is a hanger hanging from the fan- it's quite simple: I'm short and I can't reach the cord so I put a hanger on the cord, so I can turn it off without climbing....[smart girl and quite handy, yes I am]
The bed spread isn't what will go on there soon, I am about to send a king sized red and white quilt out to be quilted, Then I get my sleigh bed. Georg promised if I finished a quilt for it he would buy me a new bedroom set! I'm on it as we speak~~
If we do end up buying this place I am going to build a little linen closet here in the corner where that basket is. I have no place for sheets, towels and quilts.
Bella's crib is a source of many stubbed toes LOL it's very much in the way and she never sleeps in it the whole night, I should get rid of it but one of these days I may actually get her to sleep in it, LOL
My red and white bathroom! I LOVE it!
OK this is the massive, yet cute, pig collection. I have over 300 now, I have collected them here and there and every where. I thought is kind of cool that my Bella was born in the Chinese year of the pig! Isn't that fate!
Awe the dog pen, where I say hi to each of you and send you my love and attention. Yes there is a birds nest of cords and the PC is old as the hills[4 years] but It's mine and I love it.
I hope you have enjoyed this visit to my home. Come back some time and I'll make you an Iced coffee or something. Until next time:
I'm sending the sugar out to each of you hoping that you feel the love and the Sugar~~


Daddy Papersurfer said...

Is the dry sink an antique like me? I don't think we have those over here.

Great idea doing a tour of the house. I now know where you sit when you come over to torment me - tee hee

John said...

I never thought of mixing up towels in the bathroom, being colorblind. The laptop here is the same age too, kiddo.

Thanks for the tour....I like your home. :-)

Speedcat Hollydale said...

Love the pictures, and the look of your home. It has a very welcome feel to it.

.... and I love the chickens in the kitchen, of course!!!

Hello from Eric, "Speedcat"

darlene said...

ok, i will have a double double in my coffee,... hee hee,...lovely place Judy

Shinade said...

Oh this is very nice Judy. You better watch out if I ever come visit though.

LOLZ....I spotted those roosters right away. I just love roosters.

Happy Mother's Day sweety:-)XX'S2

Sugar Queens Dream said...

Daddy P, It's old- I don't know if it's old as you though LOL, what else is?
Hugs my sweet torment~~

Sugar Queens Dream said...

John, Thank you. I am at a loss at what I would do if I were color blind. I think color makes me who I am...
Hugs and thanks for visiting~~

Sugar Queens Dream said...

Speedy, I didn't know you even came to look at this here old blog, Thank you from the bottom of the egg crate. I love chickens, roosters and well chicks.... LOL not chicks as in girl[ I know some dirty minds will grab that and go with it]
Come back soon~~

Sugar Queens Dream said...

Dar, Double double it is!

Sugar Queens Dream said...

Jackie, Any time you're in north Florida come on over. I don't think you will be able to heist the roosters though I have three nosy Dachshunds.. they snoof everyone as they come and go..
Hugs, Sugar

70steen said...

your house is huge!!
Thank you for opening your doors

Love the dry sink, with all those drawers .... what exactly is a dry sink??