Friday, June 13, 2008

Up all night, sleep all day...

Georg and Will are home!
Today he goes and gets a pass port, wah hoo! I'm not happy about it but whats a girl to do. He will more than likely be going to the Dominican Republic....
He brought me a little gift! A brand new vacuum cleaner,, now some of you girls may think this isn't a very romantacle gift, but for me it signifies our ever lasting love together.... HA! really it is just the bomb! I love it and think a hundred roses wouldn't be half as great a gift!
We are going on a short holiday next weekend and that I guess would be more romantic. I'm secretly hoping we go to historic Savannah Georgia~~ I'm willing to wait in line for Paula Deens Lady and Sons!

Last night we went to a concert, Skid row and Slaughter at the Daytona Pavilion.
Skid Row...


It was fun but I don't have the standing on concrete feet I used to! You should have been there, lots of 35 and over were there!
As Georg says for you guys"Milfs" there... I didn't wanna break his bubble but there were lots of granny's with wrinkles too... Oh well I guess you'd have to be there!
The next concert we're going to is Buck Cherry!!! I'm stoked for sure on this one... OK not for the virgin ears but my favorite song is "Crazy Bitch"
Buck Cherry.... {language]

What a ride! I guess music tastes are up to the individual, I love music, even if its loud, racy and full of things others think is "too much".
Well today is full of surprises, go find one! and be careful its Friday the 13!!!
Until we meet again....
pourin' some sugar on you!


Olga, the Traveling Bra said...

A vacuum cleaner? Well that sucks!
(!?) Oh Sugar - whatever makes you happy makes me happy!!! But as Roseann Barr says - "I'm not going to vacuum 'til Sears makes one you can ride on...." HA!

John C said...

Your blog title was a ripoff from The Cars. Not that I pay any attention, whatsoever.

I also never tried walking on water like Rick in the 'Magic' video.

...I have no idea what you're thinking about either, at the moment. :)