Saturday, June 21, 2008

An update on, well ... me

If you've been reading my Blog you know that I have been having some health issues. I went to the Doctor and she had some tests done, I have high cholesterol [glad I love oatmeal], high blood sugar, high blood pressure and my thyroid isn't working correctly [I tried to tell them this, because I have the symptoms of thyroid problems, but she wouldn't listen!] I had to go back yesterday and let the Vampires draw more blood tests on it, the bitch and I mean *bitch* couldn't find my vein so she thought she would dig around in my arm, trust me I am not gentle when they do this, so I told her if she couldn't do it without hurting me, find someone else because I am about to go the *f word off on you!. I had a brain scan a week ago and have a appointment with a eye specialist Tuesday. I also have been having some leg cramps that I assure you, you wouldn't want! I am falling apart after just 49 short years and I am scared, scared that I wont be around to watch my beautiful Grand Daughter Bella grow up, scared I will die a painful and miserable death, scared I wont be able to do all the things I still have left to do. I have never once left this country and I have just started getting my passport done, well as soon as Flint Michigan will send my certified birth record to me!. I always thought that I would be healthy except for the smoking and the sugar... I was wrong, I have C O P D, with a little of all the different problems. I have to quit smoking, quit eating sugar, fat and well just about every thing I have ate for the past 49 years!
This is going to be hard to do and in the words of *Ming Ming* on wonder pets [ a kids show I watch with Bella] "This is serious!"

There has been a struggle blending back as a family structure here between me and Georg, I like the way I do things and he likes the way he does things.... It's hard for 2 strong minded people to be the leader with a follower, when both want the other to follow.... We will work it out just in time for him to go to the Dominican Republic, I'm sure!

We went to Saint Augustine yesterday. Some of the pictures I took, Some not. Some are from a trip there a few years ago, things don't change there much, I just forgot my camera.
Georg at Old Fort
Georg always takes a good picture, I, on the other hand look 3 feet tall and 3 feet wide! LOL

The Grist mill, What is a grist mill? : It's a mill that grinds grain.

We finally went into the oldest wooden school house in America and even got a diploma! Ha Ha!

This is the neatest old drug store! I love snooping around in it!
The Light house at Saint Augustine, Florida
Fort Matanzas

Look how worn the stairs are, this is from people using them.
Cannon at the fort.The old fort at Saint Augustine!
The trolley at the Fountain of Youth.
Mission of Nombre De Dios

If there's one thing I love, it's old churches, I don't care what denomination they are I just love them!Cathedral Basilica

Flagler Memorial Church.
Catholic Cathedral
Old Church again
Stained Glass and to the left altar is
Stained glass windows

Center figure is Christ the King in Triumph, The left figure is Saint Augustine and the figure o
Altar at church.
The Blessed Sacrament Chapel - the Chapel is devoted to the Eucharist with Our Lord Jesus Christ
Another Altar.

OK so you have traveled to Lovely old Saint Augustine with me, I hope you enjoyed looking at the fun we had. It was hot as hell yesterday but we had lots of fun.

Remember what I say:
Come on now Feel them!

I always have fun telling you about my life, I know for some it's not important, but for me it's life changing. So until next time:
Everyone NEEDS a little Sugar!


Daddy Papersurfer said...

You are going to have to be very strong willed to change your life-style so completely Sugar - I have every confidence in you.

I enjoyed your trip [so much easier from here and cheaper - tee hee] and I'm now feeling my boobies!!!!


Olga, the Traveling Bra said...

Thanks for sharing those photos Sugar - looks like fun! :)
As for your health issues/lifestyle changes...I've recently cut out all the crap (what I used to think was the "good stuff") started excersing more & have lost 15 pounds & feel so much better now!...just take it ONE DAY at a time...& LOVE YOUSELF more than any ol' hunk of food...or ciggy...also, taking walks helps clear your brain...I know it's hard at first but YOU can do it! :) Lots of people love ya Sugar & want you around...but you gotta do it for YOU!
(Sorry if I sound like a PUSHY BRA'wd...)

John C said...

...and you said you were going. lol


Flint, Michigan, huh? Probably know my ex wife. Her dad was 'all that' about import cars. :)

darlene said...

hey, so glad you are getting in check with the doc ....good!...wished i was that smart...he/she will get you in check, thinks of you, of love the photos , fantastic

Olga, the Traveling Bra said...

DaddyP seems to have misplaced ME!

Celeste said...

I understand what yopu will have to go thru. i share some of the same problems.
i found you on fuelmyblog.

John said...

Llama lover. Ick. Here I was gonna have you in my bedroom environment.

The Rev. said...

Great photos!

I'm admittedly a bit of a history nerd, so I loved the shots of missions/forts, etc..

-The Rev.

byla said...

heh, I just moved away from the St. Augustine area at the end of last month. It's a great place to much to do and see. Great photos!