Monday, August 11, 2008

Judy needs....

This is a Picture of My Mom, Me[Judy], My Sister Janet and my Niece Haylee.....The important question: Do I, yes me, look like my Mom??? She says NO! but so many say yes... I wonder why she thinks I don't. Maybe because if she said yes that would mean she's fat like me and Jan! To this thought, I LAUGH!!!!!
On to the Meme!
I was visiting my friend Fracas and something caught my eye[s]! Fracas wrote a post called "Things Fracas (Apparently) Needs" I am not into Memes much anymore, mostly because of time and a little bit because I'm lazy as hell, well allot because I'm lazy as hell..... But this one is the bomb, for real.... And besides I'm only doing this because it suits my needs... NO! really, I'm doing it because Fracas did it and lets face it, if Fracas does it well then I wanna do it too, after all, she's my freakin idol!

Anyway, You go to Google, type in your name and the word "needs" and just see what you come up with LOL LOL, If you must know more go to Fracas's Blog and read cause as I said before , I'm lazy as hell.... nuff said!

Judy Needs or Judy's needs.......
1. Judy Needs counseling
2. Judy Needs To Pay Her Taxes
3. Judy needs to go to anger management class
4. Judy Needs to Get Out of the Shelter
5. Judy Needs her morning coffee
6. Judy Needs you
7. Judy Needs a Job
8. Judy Needs help for next charity challenge
9. Judy Needs a Guardian Angel
10. Judy Needs some clear advice

Now I could go on and on but, hey- who has the time!
Its obvious, I have huge needs and with my name I guess that stands to reason. Fracas, I can ALWAYS count on you for some sound solid advice and this was right on! Judy does have needs and so do YOU!
Judy Blue eyes by, Crosby, Stills and Nash.....

Sugary Splenda to each of you!


Daddy Papersurfer said...

She does and she doesn't - tee hee. I'm not going to get pulled into that one Spendiferous Queen!

Welcome back! *hugs*

Shinade said...

Hi Judy,
Gee what a summer so far. It's still very difficult here for me.

I will be in Maine for the winter I am pretty sure. My connection is still awful but I did do a couple of posts today.

I miss you and everyone very much!! I have a little something for you when you have time.

Oh my Bella is gourgeous. As soon as things settle here I will get some pictures of the baby up.
Love and miss you bunches!!:-))))))

Anonymous said...

Glad to see you back Judy! LOL, me your idol? Freakin' for sure, but idol... I'm not so sure. ;-)

Everyone needs #5 and everyone has #9.


Celeste said...

maybe, maybe not.

The Rev. said...

I can definitely see some resemblance-

As for #5, I need that all day perhaps I don't need 'morning coffee' as much as simply a 'coffee IV'


Olga, the Traveling Bra said...

Woo-Hoo!! Nice to see your smiling face again! :)

I am hanging with Fracas now...and she's MY idol too! Stay tuned....

The Rev. said...

By the way, I just (JUST) saw Crosby, Stills, & Nash here in Memphis about a week ago at an outdoor concert. AMAZING!!

The Rev. said...

In other news....

swooze said...

You look exactly like your mom!