Tuesday, October 21, 2008

50 is the new 40!!!!

The Queen of Sugar........
(thank you Fracas)

Invites all to have a slice of her Castle Cake!!!
(Thanks again Fracas)

To everyone and I mean everyone, who did or didn't wish me a Happy Birthday, Thank You. Thanks for being my Friends....
My dearest friend Fracas, sent me a comment on my Birthday that really made my day, well so did ALL the others. Fracas wrote a blog post for me on my Birthday, it is was the sweetest post: go here to read it: Queen Judy
Fracas, You're the best friend a queen could have!
Another person to blog about me on my Birthday , my personal favorite pet John! Hey BTW, I'm still waiting for my royal spanking! John posted this:

While Tuesday was my real Birthday, This Sunday is the day we are celebrating it! I am having a party with friends and family, I think it's gonna be a real great party! I wish each of you could join us....
OK, so as many of you have noticed I have been absent for awhile. well, I have a new job!
I am a bakery worker in one of the largest bakeries in the USA, Wal-Mart. I love my job, I Think I'll probably retire from there someday, years from now....
I package bakery products and at times get to work on cakes and stuff. I like my Boss, I like my coworkers and I even like the fact that I'm dead tired when I leave work, the best part is I get paid for all the love!
I have found that if you love the smell of fresh baked breads and cookies you should come join us! The lovin that comes from the oven all day, everyday at my store, is to die for. The training alone that I am receiving, is by far better than anywhere I have ever worked.
If you're looking for a fast pace, lots of laughter and great smells, Come on, Join the team!
Wal-Mart gets a bad rap most days but I swear I think they are the best!

On another note, as many of you know I have had some health issues this year that have been hard to deal with, They are under control now and I have never felt better. My Sugar is finally the best numbers yet, most days it's 108, after it being in the 300's I feel I have really done well to get this under control!
Now for some pictures:
50 is the NEW 40!!! and Baby I'm looking fabulous!!!

Georg took this one of me at the beach....

Us Cheezin!

Bella standing on a suitcase saying : Heck no! you can't go to Grampa: He's leaving soon for an out of town job, yet again *sigh*

My Son Will's newest Tattoo: After all it is: All about the Familie!

Bella the water girl!

Gramps and his Princess!

Uma as she calls me , and her baby girl!

This is priceless, She loved Uncle Wills Birthday cake!

"I wear my sun glasses so I can see" She wears these things everywhere LOL!

And last A little sugar for you, my friends, my Buddies, the ones I remember with fondness.....
Happy Birthday To us!

I'm leaving you with a little SUGAR as always!!!!


John C said...

But...but...but I thought you said you were 29!

Least I gave ya a couple of but's to play with in this comment. :)

With you there at Wally World I'll have someone at least who can both speak Engrish AND understand me as a person who blogs. OMG! RORF! WTF!


ps. I can understand why he's holding his arm up. I would too with all those needle pricks there. he he

Daddy Papersurfer said...

Congrats on the job ..... I wish I had some money coming in - oh well ...... and I'm really pleased you're feeling better - things are looking up I think.

[I'm not going to wish you a happy birthday ..... again ..... not until next year anyway!!!!!]

Anonymous said...

Judy, I think you're his pet too. He had his birthday post up before mine. (Isn't that sweet?)

I'm so glad to see you're doing well with your sugars and feeling better, and working, and while people do miss you.... all those things are good for you and we can only be happy for you!

And whether you're here every day or every so often, you're still always our Sugar Queen... and you darn well deserve that crown!


Olga, the Traveling Bra said...


Sugar - I have a job for you....please Smoosh Your Boobies! You can use paint or even frosting!!! Come on....all the cool 50 year olds are doing it! (Like moi!).....see my blog for details....Happy Birthday and Happy Smooshing!

Pauline said...

HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY MATE...ALBEIT A LITTLE LATE!! lol you are right..you dont look a bad Old stick for your age....love the blog..visit often dont tell you enough...oh btw love wills tattoo...thats awesome as

Beverly said...

Happy belated Birthday!! I just turned 49 myself last week and isn't life grand? My firt time to visit here ~ what a great blog!

darlene said...

happy Birthday!!!

Anonymous said...

JUDY.... I am calling you back...


Wherefore art thou Judy-o?


Cowgirl Betty said...

Oh, I've been so amiss in blogging and viewing--sorry to miss your birthday. To many more.

I also tagged you--perhaps you were tagged twice.

Anonymous said...

I recently came across your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I don't know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.