Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Remember when having a blog was all the rage?  Everyone was saying ; hey, did you read my latest blog post? What did you think? Hey did you see the awards my posts have been getting? What is a blog? Etc.
Well I at one time was so caught up in the blogging, I posted daily, then every couple of days, then once a week.... To now, Nothing in at least 3 years!
Well I'm starting to think about my blog again and how posting my words helped me to laugh and live with one word at a time. I was thinking of my hobbies and how much they have or have NOT consumed me over the past years, they really have been far and few in between. Well, that is until lately! I've discovered my inner child, my artist within. It's all about coloring now, YES! Adult coloring book are the rage now and boy are they calming and soothing the nation. It all started for me when I saw a Face Book Group for coloring. It peaked my interest and once I went in to Amazon and saw what once was a tiny little amount of book sources to now, thousands of books, pens, pencils, paper, ink.  YOU want it, you CAN find it!
Adult coloring is taking over the map with people doing it for all sorts of reason, many of them health related. Stress these days from everything to nothing. Well some doctors are prescribing coloring to relieve the stress! What a novel way to approach the pressures of life.
I am hooked though and see no end to what I can achieve coloring!
As a matter of fact I won a cover contest for a coloring book for adults.
Sugar Skulls by Dawn D. Boyer....
My entry won the cover for a double sided book, which will be sold worldwide!
So excited! Just think when I was a little girl watching the snobby kid get praise for her perfect coloring, one day me and my squiggly lines would be a winner for coloring!!
Sugar to you all!

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