Friday, November 10, 2006

Eouuuuuu! what was that ???


Isn't it lovely , does it make your mouth water ?
Well my family thought I went crazy with this one .... It was repulsive to my Husband, he took a bite and scrambled for a napkin. Not because it was bad, just the texture, he said apologetically.
My Daughter just looked at it and said: hmmmm, well if I wasnt so full from dinner Id try it ! BUT, she said, The strawberry "Juice" is great~~
Her Husband looked at it and said : is it like Flan ??? And this coming from a person who tells everyone hes getting fat because his Mother in Law cooks so wonderful ~~~
My Son just tucked the phone closer to his already ducking head and ran for his life......

I, all the while was eating some(oooh-ing and ahhh-ing) , then some more, thinking whats wrong with these people! It's just plain wonderful , like a creamy "Jello"
I , found the "Strawberry Juice" as my Daughter called it, slightly tart meaning I hadn't piled the sugar on enough! But I still though it was great ....

My Husband said to me , I like those creamy things you make ... "Cream puffs I said , yes them, He said . well....... I like them, he said again....
This coming from a man who can't stand dessert . He always says ooooh and ahhhh but he rarely eats dessert. He's the one who, most years, doesn't eat the cake at a Birthday. He's just sour puss ! >Really he's a sweet, darling, Husband, whom I adore!<
I tried another cream for cream puffs , a mascarpone cheese filling, but he just pouted and kept mumbling about the "white stuff" he loved and How I had muffed up another thing he liked.....
He has his own taste for things and to be honest, I think, he thinks, everyone has the same tastes in desserts and food as him. I , on the other hand, declare proudly " I eat lots of dessert and thats what makes me so sweet , You should try it (honey)!"
Of course he rolls his eyes and still thinks, I think, I know everything ! Ha ! he's right! ~~~ silly little man ~~~
>huge grins here<

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