Friday, November 03, 2006

Jack "OH" Lantern

Every year I am in charge of every ones Birthday cakes. Well it's Halloween so that means it's my Father in Laws Birthday. My Father in Laws name is Bill . He and my Husband Georg are probably my biggest fans for quite different reasons , Georg believes in me , he thinks I sell myself short and never realize my potential. He always has a remark even if sometimes I don't want to hear it, LOL . And if I need a pan or a box of sugar I can always trust that Georg will fill the need.

1.Cakes baked and cooling

My Father in Law raves and rants about every craft I have ever done for him and trust me after 18 years there have been many.
But I really think if I didn't do a cake for him he would sit in a corner and pout , LOL.

This year I really dug in and thought this out . I made a orange mango cake . then I made white chocolate pastry cream , then I iced it with my Buttercream . And as always I made my Jack"OH" Lantern cake. I decided to fill the cake by hollowing out a tunnel through the ring of the bunt cake .

2 cakes filled

I got every thing ready and started to put him together well the first thing that happened is "Jack" started to flatten under the weight. I realized the bottom layer should be the top so I hurried and flipped "Jack" over . hmmm that helped a bit but still I felt the weight would make him tumble so I put dowels in just to stabilize the cake. that helped some but I had never filled this particular cake before and I think that I was fast on my way to NOT ever filling it again !

all in all I did good because as soon as I finished and put him in the refrigerator the Buttercream hardened and that held poor ole Jack together .... Thank goodness because I have never had a flop cake and I didn't want to start on this one.

3. Jack is back ! (even if he leans ) LOL LOL-
He has no nose because I simply forgot to give him one !
The next day we had to take this cake on a 2 hour drive with Georg holding him on his lap . I am so thankful it wasn't a longer trip because the Buttercream started to soften and he started to move on us !
4. the Birthday Boy ...
You cant see me here but in the background I'm thinking please don't fall over !

This cake was so GOOD!
The Chocolate marries well with the Orange & Buttercream goes with any thing !
You can look on the bottom layer and see that it was going flat on me !

5. YuMMoH! Delish ! Wheres the Spoon-ya-lah !!!

6. The Sugar Queen happy !
All in all I love baking and decorating cakes . I get this really big stupid grin when I bake. I feel like I've found my nitch in Baking and decorating. I have dreams , I hope my little business takes off and I get to do this all the time . Someday it's my dream to own a bakery and really do what I love but for now I guess it's in my stars to just make my Family and Friends happy with what I love to do .
So until we meet again ..........."Let them eat cake!"

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EllorionsAngel said...

Looks like Jack turned out good this year Mom...Papa looks like he was enjoying the
Keep up the good work!
Love You!