Saturday, November 04, 2006

Everyone should eat chocky cake

The cake here is my Son Wills 17th. Birthday cake . I always make him a cake just not as grand as this one , Usually I make him a brownie cake with chocolate Mousse & whipped cream and then I drizzle chocolate sauce over it . But this was a special year, he is 17 after all and the baby !
He had to have a cake on a much grander scale . so I thought and thought and decided that a tiered cake with strawberries and fudge worked well together , so I made the cakes and did all the fillings and icings up and then the day of his Birthday I put it all together . Living in Florida can present all sorts of hazardous conditions for chocolate as well as creams and icings. Things melt or get soggy , never set up or just plain flop....
But this day , the 3rd. of October, was perfect . The icing held up and the cake was moist. The only thing I had to many issues with was the strawberries and well they can be a pain at any time. The Chocolate just didn't want to get to the right consistency. So even though the average person cant tell by looking , they are clumpy ....
I was so happy to finish after a whole day of decorating and filling, it was done .
The look on the face of the person you give something special too is beyond words , It warms your heart and makes you grin from ear to ear .
I guess that's why they say "it's better to give than to receive" .
William and his friend T.J. walked into the house after School and Will said " Dude , Look at my cake" that sealed the deal for me and I was instantly happy.
I have a hard time convincing my sweet Husband that a Birthday , while special, is not Christmas , LOL. He remembers every Birthday and tries to make it as close to Christmas as he possibly can. I never had someone make my Birthday special until I met my Georg, He is wonderful!
I think when Georg hears Birthday he automatically hears Christmas and buys everything possible to make it happy and grand ! LOL.....
Georgs Birthday is December 18th. and I have something grand planned , I can't wait to show you !

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