Sunday, November 05, 2006

Red Velvet Cake

Hi, It's Sunday , The day of rest , well they say rest but my husband works 6 days a week and thinks Sunday means cram the house work and his play day in to one . I mean, I clean house most days but still the dust bunnies and the left over newspaper , the floor mopping , stuff like that needs done, And he , being my Darling Husband Georg usually does this stuff... I, on the other hand bake and play on the Computer. Hey it works for us !

I made a red velvet cake and decorated it yesterday , being Saturday . I have this need for chocolate cake to be so chocolate it makes you want to sing :)

1. me smoothing the sides of the cake

2. me doing the decorating , dont I look happy LOL , it was starting to melt on me , Chocolate !

3. all done ready for the fridge.

I have on this cake , White chocolate pastry cream filling . Chocolate mousse buttercream and red velvet cake ... YummO~

I'm Not a person who has spent many years in School for cooking or really anything, but I do know good food and as a cake artist I know good cake . This cake was just the right amount of yumm ! The white chocolate pastry cream is so good . I made the recipe myself and its a secret all my own :)
It holds up just right under the weight of the layers. I love this cream and also do a similar one with oranges . I'm testing a Banana one for a spice cake . I want to branch out in my fillings and I'm finding that lots of folks love creams of most flavors.
I love baking cake but with todays weight conscience society it may not be the best business to get into . but as I always say: "let them eat cake !"


EllorionsAngel said...

Lokks really good Mom!! You did and awesome job... Only wish I was there to be a tester! =D

fracas said...

Oh my gosh! That cake looks like something I'd walk all the way from Canada to try!

Normally, I link to the main page when I put someone on my blogroll but this is so awesome I have to link straight here so that everyone can see it.

I'm going to look through your other posts. If I see anything more outstanding than this cake, I'm going to just pack myself in a box and mail myself to you.