Thursday, June 21, 2007

Are Men from Mars and Women from Venus.....

This is a sticky question , Really , Come on now , How many of you really ever thought of it ?
Well anyway , I was watching the Today Show this morning and they have this weekly slot with Marlo Thomas , remember the show , That girl .
She was the original liberal woman on Television. I guess the first to burn her bra, who knows maybe not , Hell I never wore one anyways because they prohibit me from thinking ...... *Blink Blink*
Well I was watching the women and the men talking about the differences in their spouses and what they were aloud to talk about and what they were not when being interviewed on the show and it occurred to me that you know there really are huge differences, I mean besides boobs and penis's...
Women never handle snakes when found in the wild , we run away to find the nearest man so that he can poke and prod the snake (purely for our entertainment I'm sure)

Women , if lost, WILL ask for directions because we know that left to our own devices we will forget where we originally wanted to go and just stop at the mall we found on accident while lost and shop.... *Blink Blink*
Men will drive and drive saying every minute : dammit I know its here : they must have moved or something.... or the best yet, Silence ....... Driving and using up the 3.09 a gallon gas , who the heck cares that we could use that money on new shoes or something else important.....

Women like pretty colors , We will paint every room with coordinating colors and will put fake or real flowers everywhere in the house if given the chance ... men think beer cans , neon signs and fake fur is the bomb diggity .

Women like fishing ,we take it as a signal that we can wear the cute little number we found at the mall we shopped at while lost and hey that cute tackle they sell now is just to die for .... Men on the other hand see this as an opportunity to drink beer , fart and puff their chests out with the biggest fish stories they can muster.... after all size does matter !

Women take hours to get ready to go somewhere. We spend countless dollars on makeup ,flat irons, clothes and shoes . we, after all, are going into the public and dammed if we aren't gonna look good .
Men spit on their hands and smooth their hair , look to see if their T shirt has any dark stains and their ready to go ....

Women love romantic movies with the handsome prince charming , just to dream that the guy on the computer in the other room farting and drinking beer really is that guy , he just needs us to smooth out his rough edges .
Men on the other hand like the movies that don't take much imagination to figure out the ending and well, also tits and ass , if they have that in them then the Oscar goes to .......

Lets face it, We Women are so perfect we shit flowers and hearts and you guys , well...... does burping, farting and making googly eyes at every woman age 18 - 65 count ?

I know, I know you guys are being bullied by me and I'm gonna say this who gives a darn because in the end I'm still married to the frog king and I love him so much some days it hurts LOL LOL
He is the hardest working man I know and will even go to work with a broken arm, he cleans the house better than me and even does floors , Where did I find him you might ask ? Well by sheer luck as a matter of fact . I found one of the good ones BUT that doesn't mean that he's not from Mars and I , well I am from Venus like all the other great Women of this world

( This is meant to be funny and while some parts are real some are just plain bull shit )


Shinade said...

Thank you for this one....I actually laughed out loud. Very funny indeed!!! TY for the share! :)hugs, Jackie

Sugar Queens Dream said...

Thank you for your comments , as you see not all that come talk LOL ... Oh well I'm glad you liked my musings.... Sugar Queen