Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Monday Melee on Tuesday ??????

OK, so I'm gonna give this a whirl and see where it takes me !
I happen to love this Blog I found by accident one day and since then have been chit chatting back in forth with its owner, Fracas.
Fracas is this great lady with a huge sense of humor I need a constant dose of always.
So here goes The Monday Melee Sugars way :

1. The Misanthropic: Name something (about humanity) you absolutely hate.
I hate that there are so many people that only value their opinion and don't have room for a view of anyone Else's . I hate that often they smother you with any excuse they can to push their thoughts upon you and make you think you stand up for nothing but bull shit.
2. The Meretricious: Expose something or someone that’s phony, fraudulent or bogus.
Bank of America
They say they care about you but really all they care about is your money and if they can figure out a way to part you from your money in a way that you will think is your mistake !
3. The Malcontent: Name something you’re unhappy with.
Spam Email : Penis enlargement , I don't need a larger penis, if i did I'd be a man with too much time on my hands to worry if it were big enough anyway, Any real Woman would tell her man its not the size of the erectus, its the way the erectus is used !
Found money................
Who the heck thinks of this stuff anyway ???? I don't think I have ever forgot if someone owed me money ! and lastly Freecycle ! it says free cycle not mooch and beg cycle !
(free cycle is a Yahoo group that you can join in your area BUT beware every freaking mother and her Uncle will beg something and give very little away for free)
4. The Meritorious: Give someone credit for something and name it if you can.
Baby swings and pacifiers! if not for them I think us modern Grand Mothers and Mothers would go crazy before the baby figures out how go to sleep without them ~~ Sorry, My Grand Daughter is spoiled to them , I,m not sure who's to blame but really who cares they soothe her in ways we can't : who would have known Babies are born with a need to suck and swing ???
Back in my day the Baby was the Baby and we were the Parents and we were crazy until they graduated High School and we got our nerves back . Why I'm just now getting back to normal and our Son just Graduated 3 weeks ago....
5. The Mirror: See something good about yourself and name it.
Hmmmm, I like myself so darn much why start a riot and change that !
Nawww, just kidding, I'm a great Mom and I love teenagers , I see good in the little devils even if their Moms and Dads could kill them since age 13 !
6. The Make-Believe: Name something you wish for.
To win the power ball Lotto and blaze off in a trail of glory Baby !
And maybe even move to a different country ...... nuff said on that !
OK that was my Monday Melee done late in my usual fashion
Peace !

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