Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Knock off Caramel Macchiatos , Snake hunting and I Scored !

This morning (around 1 AM ) I was thinking about what I would talk about today and I came up with a knock off Caramel Macchiato .... My DH going ape over a snake and I scored .....
BUT, you will have to wait until I finish with the other stuff to find out which kinda scored I'm talking about , LOL
Caramel Macchiato..... There are several places that make them while I personally think Starbucks is best , there is also several at Dunkin Donuts , Their's is called Iced coffee but is very similar to it . I'm sure that there is also many at other Java Shops around the country .
With that said I will now tell you all the stuff necessary to make a really good Knock off Caramel Macchiato

You will need :
Espresso Machine
Coffee grinder
Espresso Coffee beans
Starbucks Vanilla syrup
Carmel sauce (you can make your own or buy a Caramel sauce for Ice Cream at your local grocery store)
OK , here's the part that your own personal preference comes in , You can use whole milk or half N half or I guess you could even use low fat milk, BUT, why do that because when you put the whipped cream on top that's gonna blow it all to hell anyways LOL ....
Ice cubes
Whipped Cream in a can
Here's a link to a little page on making a Carmel Macchiato.
Here's a few pictures of my Caramel Macchiato

I don't even bother with the clear glass any more because I've seen it a hundred times .
I don't have the best Espresso Machine either , I have 2, one costs 20 bucks at Walgreen's although I got it for 10 because it doesn't have a book to tell you what the hell to do with it, but thank you very much , I am experienced and it didn't take too much to figure it out .......... but If i just knew how to make the froth thingy work oh well who needs froth !
I also have a Mr. Coffee one that is a little more costly but the garage ate it or its hiding and when it wants me to find it I will ~~

Anyways this is the best coffee drink I have ever had and I know that some will say its just iced coffee and no real coffee lover would even think of drinking it . To that I say good! because that leaves more for me !
I also still go to Starbucks because lets face it a knock off is just that .

OK next !
Snake hunting.....
My Husband , Who IS level headed in most situations, has went berzonkers over a snake . I understand why , I feel his passion But I think he will go nuts if he doesn't find this monster and kill it.
It started a couple days ago while out with our three Dachshunds , Tadpole ,BEC AKA Sherman and Sissy AKA Little Sister were out supposedly taking a pee break , Tadpole wants a ball thrown at him , BEC sniffs the grass and all others rear ends (which is a dog thing or a male dog thing at least, I'm certain!) Sissy promptly does her thing and then wants to get back to licking Georg's face , Its their thing and Yes I know its sick but, she licks him in the face and he lets her*sigh*


(L) BEC AKA Sherman (R) Sissy AKA Little Sister
Any who, he was throwing the ball for Tadpole when he happened to look down and saw something, he passed it off as a sprinkler head and started to throw again well he turned his head again and OMG! There was a Cotton Mouth there , with his head up staring at my Georg ! He freaked out started throwing Dogs towards the house and yelling.
I came running from the bedroom wondering what the heck all the ruckus was . He's saying There's a snake get the dogs in the house NOW! , I'm looking stupid because this is the first snake I've even heard of here in snobville and don't they know they aren't welcome in our tidy treeless city ! How the hell dare they come here causing all sorts of snake type issues !

Really BTW, they are very dangerous snakes and you can research them here cottonmouths and here water moccasins

OK back to the story
He's running around looking for something to kill it with and finds a shovel , goes back out there , takes a swing, the snake retreats back into the uncleared lot behind our house and sits and looks at him ....
He comes back into the house this time determined to get a gun and shoot this thing...
OK got gun , ummm where's the bullets, nowhere to be found ! He's running around the garage where the Espresso machine has been eaten and guess what ? The bullets apparently have been eaten also . So he comes back in to the house and looks in the closet , the other thing eating place in my house . He's throwing stuff up in the air and out the door all the while I'm picking stuff up behind him , hes saying with a very urgent voice : You know it doesn't mean anything to clean this stuff up if the snake gets away .......
I see his point, but also I'm thinking the enemys gone by now, no snake is going to still be there when a huge metal thing just about knocked its head off a hour ago...... and also the strange screaming man throwing his snoopy short ankle biters around in the air !
Anyway he finally finds 1 YES 1 bullet ( the closet is trying to eat him,BTW, as stuff is falling all around him and hes slowly getting sucked in) and he grabs the gun and walks outside ready to defend his property against public enemy number one ,who's left by now slithering or even running away, lucky to be alive . He went out again and came back in , then again and finally he got in the truck and went driving around the block to see if the neighbors were home to let them know about public enemy number one , of course they aren't ,because about 4 months ago they got raided by the police because the man living there being one of the biggest drug lords in North Florida ( NO LIE) Anyway , Some other neighbors were looking at him knocking on the drug lords house and asked him whats he needed , he said : I wanted to tell them about a cotton mouth I just saw slithering back into the lot next door , they said : Oh ,well They are gone right now ( My Husband was thinking YES on a Long Long vacation- but maybe someone else has moved in) then they say to him : we see rattle snakes all the time we just run over them !
ahhhh................ gotta love rednecks and their mud bogger trucks
He comes back home and does a snake check , nothing . Does another before bed , nothing ...... My husband says to me : You know I'm gonna have dreams about this , I answer : yes Dear.....
He says : I just wish I would have killed that GD snake.... I say: Yes Dear
I just can't rest until its dead... He says again .
You know there's no telling how long it's been here , why it could have been born right here and grew up here and we are in its home !
One last snake check and he's off to bed , minutes later he's snoring and I am to presume having snake dreams......
Next day he comes home , mind you its been raining all day , he gets the machete out and starts cutting back brush like a mad man , things are flying , little trees are coming down hes looking and sees nothing. He then mows the back yard all the while watching for the snake , Which has never been seen again !


Yep I did !

[picture taken from Ozzfest site]

I got tickets to Ozzys last Ozzfest !
Number 1 : they were free !
Number 2 : we had to register a month ago
Number 3 : I had to sit at the computer for hours last nite, but I got them !
I know some may say , Who the heck cares ! YUCK ! and then there are those who will say Alrighty then !
I am so excited because I always wanted to hear Crazy Train live and maybe I will get the chance ~~~
So on Aug. 30 at 12:00 PM in West Palm Beach , Florida. I , with my Husband and Son will stand in sweltering heat to see him and many others ..... Its gonna be a blast and I, at age 48 will rock out with the best of them !

Its been a long blog post today and I feel good about it..........


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Erin said...

LOL That was so funny about dad and the snake! I had Justin read it too and he was laughing. I love you Momma!