Thursday, June 14, 2007

While yesterdays blog post was long, today, I hope to keep it to a small roar....

Have you ever really given thought to what direction your life moves in with just a few flaws along the way ?
I keep thinking to certain stretches in the road where I could have made better choices but didn't.
I could have made better use of my art skills or even my abilities to deal with the public. I could have followed through with things I've started and made something out of my life , but I didn't .
I think its human nature to just dwell in whatever we have made of our lives. To lay blame on someone or something , to just take it .
I have a list of things I need to do or to at the very least pay more attention to.
1. I need to gain control of my budget , I spend whatever I want on whatever I want !
2. I need to remember I'm alive and to take advantage of it .
3. I need to stop procrastinating !
4. I need to spend more time on my Scrapbooking, Quilting & Painting because I am good at it and in the end even though I wont be there to know it , 3 people, no, 4 people will really love me for it .
5. I need to make 3 recipe books or at least 1 for my kids (they can make copies) .
6. I need to make a will !
7. I need to tell the people that mean so much to me that I care !
8. I need to have a better relationship with the only sibling that lives close to me (15 mins)
9. I need to try really really hard to quit smoking ( I have COPD ) .
10. I need to stop waisting my time !
OK that's my top ten I need to's .
I love my life most of the time but I know there are things that I could do to make it better.
I realize there is one shot at this and I wish I could make it the best the only time out I have to do it with .....

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Ginene said...

I can agree on alot of those. I need to stop procrastinating as well. I need a change.