Friday, June 15, 2007

Holy Crap! the Snap does wheelies~~

This started a week ago, Georg was saying that Ed , one of his workers had a riding lawn mower he had changed the motor in and it worked fine , was powerful and all but he was thinking of giving it away , Georg, was offered the riding lawn mower for *free*, Yeppers Free so he went and picked her, The Snap up!
He was all excited and thinking of how many hours and drips of sweat he could shave off his already full, pass time of taking care of everything yard. Now I am open to many things But when I saw this thing I was seeing in my mind :
*Fred Flintstone yabba dabba doo-ing (feet doing all the work) around the yard*.
It's ancient and I'm quite sure that isn't the best description of it LOL
Its a Snapper , it's red and well..... riding lawnmower looking , it has four wheels and a motor :)
Here's a few thoughts I have on the matter:
Number 1: it had been raining for 2 days, so the grass was less than willing to be mowed.
Number 2: one should never take a test drive on ones own yard, meaning DON"T take your first swipe down the side of your front yard !
Number 3: maybe there is a reason for them adjustment chains and levers .... ya think ?
Well I don't know but I really think that they make them for other purposes than just looks , I mean it isn't a fashion statement in lawn mowers but chains and levers mean something.
Number 4: a man and his mower need no words .... ( that was just a little thought of guys with a little power between their legs )LOL !

I think I felt my jaw hit the ground when I saw the first cut ! I mean , Is brown on the list of acceptable colors for yard shades this year ? It took it down to the roots, The Roots ! ........
There was this large crater gouge in my front yard, dark brown, mud gushing out everywhere , It looked like he had taken a rather large pair of scissors and cut down to the very last part of the grass ...
Then he says to our Son Will : Grab a screwdriver and get over here ! They start making adjustments and looking at things , meanwhile they use electric tape to wrap the gas lines, what no duct tape ? I thought that was a guys best friend ! OK so lets try this again He says , so this time he takes aim for the other part of the front yard I guess the first brown dead looking spot wasn't telling enough.
So he takes off and you can hear something just isn't right , its making gouges here,there & everywhere he mows. It looks like the first time I tried to cut hair , Oops! My Sister wanted to kill me and I kept telling her it would grow back ~~ Try to imagine that someone cut patches out of your hair , to the roots in a nilly willy sort of way .............
The worst part is that I think he cut part of the neighbors front yard too !
He looks back with this confused look on his face and automatically drives it into the garage and says : well I'll have to make adjustments you know .... after all it was free.

Yesterday He comes home and decides that the Snap needs attention. So he takes her out of the garage and starts her up . She of course purrs lovely at him , enticing him to ride her around and do some more gouging of the lawn , after all the job wasn't done and we all know that there's nothing worse than a unfinished job.
He must have done something because the yard was looking perfect ,well at least for a few minutes, then it happened it made this growllllararlll noise and dust flew and another dead looking patch . Georg stopped the mower made an adjustment and started again. growlararllll it said and yet another poof of dust and yet another gouge , WTF I say ..... At least he's in the back yard I'm thinking ! I turn away from the glass door and go back to the meatloaf I'm drooling over. All of a sudden I hear the snap in the front yard so with hair standing on end, I run out the front door fully expecting to see the thing eating my yard like a vulture eating road kill but no , She's playing nice and I see Georg and Snap riding to and fro through the front yard , having to admit here that the thing was worth every cent(free) we had paid and more LOL LOL....
the yard looks fine and I'm really happy that Georg and Snap found each other , theirs is a relationship I'm sure will last a lifetime.
so for a really great thrill I get the broom and sweep off the grass that's flew up on the walkway , meanwhile Georg has taken Snap for a walk on the road , I look at him and I swear to God he's popping wheelies with the lawn mower !
There was this child like look on his face , he was having a great time ! I must admit even the boy who lives in the spare room (our Son Will , I'll call him the boy who lives in the spare room because we hardly see him after he comes home from work) was having a great laugh watching lawn mower man and The Snap proving that there was still some life left in the old girl.
So he looked pumped up with pride as he put her back in the garage and came in for dinner and smiled and says to me , Ill have to make adjustments but I think we got a great deal with the Snap.......



TrishKfl said...

Yup, nothing like the relationship between a man and his toys!

Erin said...

LOL... I can just picture your yard right is too funny! I hope he had a wonderful Father's Day! I love you!