Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Rockin Girl Award

I was awarded this from Shinade at The Painted Veil. Thank you so much for this , I am honored by this and even a bit speechless if you can imagine that !
I have to pick 5 peoples Blogs that I feel deserve this ... Being New to the Blogging World , I will have to give this some thought, but I do have some in mind.....
WOW! I still think this is Awesome!

1. The first person on my list is Fracas , She Hostess's the Monday Melee , She has the Thinspiration Petition
, She cares about women's rights to have a good personal body image , not one that the fashion industry or Men think we should have . She has strong opinions but they are her own and that makes her a Rockin Girl Blogger to me.

2. The next Rockin Girl Blogger Award goes to Farmgirl Fare . I just love this blog , Its about life on a farm , food and Farm Animals , I get a warm and fuzzy feeling just reading and looking.

3. Swooze's Quilts and Tall Tales
This is my third choice , Swooze has been a friend to me for years and to top it off I love her Blog, She writes about Quilting, Her Family & Her life ... One chat session with swooze and you'll find she is a fun loving happy Girl with a Rockin Girl Blogger personality~~

4. the next blog on my list of 5 is : I forgot where I was going with this .
This is one Mom's perspective on Parenting, Marriage,Geeks,Fitness, Badly behaved Labradors and Vegetables and It's funny too LOL
She takes me back a few years to when mine were little and the way kids think.

5. My Final Blog is a very special one : Jayleen B photography & digital painting OMG! can this girl do some special stuff with a camera, She is just simply put .... Amazing
I could spend hours just looking at what she takes pictures of Bugs , Flowers even weeds. She is one talented Lady.


Jayleen said...

Wow, thank you so much for the award, but I don't have a place where I put those things. I don't have a blogroll either simply because it's my business site. I don't do regular posts, just my work.

But thank you so much! :)

My real award is just having people who love to come and look at the pictures I create. It's one of those things that is nicer when shared.

Love your blog!

darlene said...

congrats , on the award, you have a great friend in jackie for sure

fracas said...

Thanks Judy, I'm honored you'd choose me. I've saved the badge and will post it up shortly. You rock too but since you got the award first, I guess you already know that! ;-)

Oh.. and Jayleen, you could post it at Grrr since you do post there to let us know when you have new images up at the business side.

Shinade said...

Well you certainly made some fantastic picks...Bravo my friend!!

Erin said...

Congrats Momma!
I love You!

imhelendt said...

Judy- I am honored. Thank you! I did not get an email from you. My hotmail addy is what's on my blog and I don't check it very often PLUS your mail must have hit my spam folder because it's not there. I use that email on my blog because I get literally hundreds of emails being hit on (most of the time in Spanish or Portuguese) and they're young enough to be my children. Sigh. I get a legitimate email to that address maybe once a month. I sent you an email from another account.

Sugar Queens Dream said...

Darlene Thank You !

Erin- Thank you honey , I know your one of my biggest fans!
I love you sweetie~~ If you were a blogger I would have chose you also !

Fracas- I think you rock Girl1 you keep me smiling and you always have a good word for me , even when you were the only one watching my blog LOL

Helen- I really think you deserve this award. I think you are by far a rockin Girl Blogger