Friday, June 29, 2007

Thank You Bill.....

This is a long but genuine post of gratitude .....
I started this day just like any other day . I was looking at my Blog thinking of what thoughts would fill the quest at hand. I saw that "Thomas Hamburger Jnr". Had been to visit , I was thrilled. I had seen him stumble in here before, but was sure he was lost....... LOL .
I had recently made some drastic changes here in regards to the language content, after reading that my blog was rated NC-17. Just seeing that had embarrassed me to a point, because I would just die if my Mother had stumbled into it , She isn't a real heavy weight in the cussing department. Also What if the pastor from my in laws Church found it , I'm quite certain I am not the only person to discover what fun blogs are.
What started this thinking was,
Earlier in the week I received an E-mail from a fellow Blogger(who is a new BUT very Dear Friend). With my best interest at heart, She gave me some tips to really make my Blog something that Bloggers of all ages could come and read. She was sure that I would get upset with her or that I would take her words wrong. She was wrong, She inspired me to think about what I could say without using that type language. She also showed me that I have a voice and that I really have something strong and important to say. I wrote her and suggested that maybe I should remove the personal stories about my Family that I wrote and she said : NO! don't do that , that's what makes your Blog so wonderful. For that, I will be eternally grateful . I have always had a way with words I thought and Why shouldn't this be a
Blog free of the language that makes some uncomfortable and not willing to spend the time on it. I feel that each of us has the capability of saying something powerful and interesting , I read Blogs all the time and some of the best ones I have read are wrote by people who are everyday people with no writing experience at all . I feel that a blog should reflect its Author but at the same time it should be worthy of all readers.
Now I am not saying that Blogs with cussing are not worthy of reading because I am not . Some of the funniest Blogs I read have strong language, I even use it myself here and there . I am just saying that I am not going to use it here anymore.
I want anyone who comes here to be able to read my blog no matter what age they are.

My Friend also explained to me that there had been very important Bloggers visiting my Blog ,but, they had not left any comments and really had not shown much interest in my Blog. She said, She thought it might have something to do with the bad language used in my Blog, That these people don't use the very strong cussing that I did, the fact of the matter is , Not all ages could or would read it. Plus some people manage to talk and give their points of view without the cuss words I had so freely spewed.
I have always been a person who believes in freedom of speech , I think that one should hold that right dear to their heart and claim it proudly BUT this time .... I happen to to feel that I can still say what I want and manage to say it without offending others with words that are rude and unnecessary .
OK, with that said ..... On to a man who has earned my respect with his web book : Harry McFry Investigates , The case of the missing Family.
His Blog , Bill Blunt- the Man who tells it like it is and also his work on Fuel my Blog .
I have just started reading the web book and so far it is really well written and a good read. It also helps that I am researching my own Family Genealogy, So I find this a real interesting story.
Yesterday I had wrote a Post called: The Myths behind Smoking. This is a true story of my battles with Smoking and the way I feel about the Tobacco Industry.
I saw that Thomas Hamburger Jnr. had left me a comment and I went over to his Blog to thank him.The first thing I saw was this post : Bill's First Big Up . I started to read it and soon realized it was about my post , his dealings with tobacco use and His first Big Up. I sat there dumbfounded as I read this ,
" I was struck by a posting made by Sugar Queen, whose blog I stumbled on thanks to Fuel My Blog, which can always be relied upon to uncover a hidden gem. It's a powerful piece, written from the heart, and I urge you to read it and share it with others."
I can not tell you how proud I am to have caught his attention. Not just because he made me his "First Big up" , But , because I respect him and I feel that if any one would tell the truth about that post, it would be someone like him. He shoots straight from the hip, He tells it like it is....
So Bill Blunt, Thank You for being "Blunt" and Thank you for honoring me with Bill's First Big Up......
Trust Me, this was not my last powerful posting , I will be showing you , my readers , a more serious side at times too. I thank you for your
time ....


Bill Blunt said...

Sugar Queen, you are very welcome!

Your post struck a chord in me - and I am sure it will in others.

And your discussion about bad language - well, that's always a matter of personal taste.

Old Johnny Mercer, my colleague on the Birkenhead Beagle used to say that 'There's no need for profanity when you can dazzle them with inanity'. I've striven to stay true to that maxim ever since!

It's good that you have found your voice. Keep on blogging!

Best wishes


Shinade said...

What another wonderful and lovely post. I am so very happy for you. I remember the first time he showed up on my viewer too...and, it actually made me so nervous...isn't that the oddest feeling? He is a super guy and great friend to have....such as you are. Hugz~Jackie P.S. we have storms coming again...I hope I don't lose connection.

Sugar Queens Dream said...

Bill Blunt-Thank you Bill your words always make me think.

Shinade-you I always thank, because you took me seriously.