Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Gosh I might have second thoughts ....

The last Meme I did I thought I had done it correctly, I got a comment from the author( it was neither rude nor thoughtless) of the Meme about my link not being correct and her not getting a ping back from it( I'm Truly sorry for that). I felt bad, and felt if the link was wrong, Fix It! OK, So I corrected it, my bad! .I went over for a visit again to really look at the Blog and while I was there I read some of the back posts and I'm not sure I want to continue Blogging. I mean, I make ALL the mistakes she talks about in different places in my Blog. It seems I am not the brightest fish in the pond.....I seem to "ramble", well according to the blog author's post about How to overwhelm your visitors. People don't like to read rambling. I go on and off subject to much, I use strike too much , I don't care I like it and think its easier to read than me fumbling around trying to figure out how to make jokes or word it just right, I also have posts that are way to long, according to her people don't like that. well I did do one thing right, I have a pleasing color combo!
In fairness to the Blog, it is well written, The author is very SMART, you can tell that by reading the Blog. She also gives some very valid hints, tips and just common sense wisdom and in truth I enjoyed my visit there.
Although I was left with a feeling that my blog was everything she said was wrong in a blog LOL LOL......
The blog author also reviews blog for a price of 60$ now I had been noticing ads on blogs for reviews, some costing 35$ 45$ and even 60$ , I'm sorry, I personally think a person shouldn't have to pay for a review and if they do it should be a very reasonable price. You can get great reviews of your Blog by being polite, commenting and making friends or just being noticed if you have a really well written Blog is read by some of the best Blogger's in the world . Just look at the people that have given me awards or the places I visit and comments I get. They are really great Bloggers and I have not had to pay anything. I also think that if you join places like Spicy pages, Fuel my Blog and Technorati you have a better chance of being noticed by lots of people willing to read and review you blog for free, plus you get the added benefit of reading some really great and well written Blogs.
So if you don't want to pay for a review get out there comment, make friends, interact and people will notice... Of course that IS my opinion and mine only. I never started blogging to be ridiculed by people or for my blog to be perfect or under the scope. After all it's all about ME!. I started Blogging to clear my foggy brain, I found that I have something to say (so some say) and I liked having a place to come and just ramble! I must admit the Awards and the comments make my day. I love having recognition, its good for the ego.Some of the Blogs that have looked at my Blog or at the very least given it some much needed attention is: Christy's Coffee Break, If you have not been to visit, Please do she is a really sweet writer who offers so much more than just a Blog. When Bill Blunt "Big upped me" I thought I would die, I remember crying and thinking WOW! That part is good for the soul and makes blogging fun. I am a huge Bill Blunt fan. I have met some really great people who have offered great advice, One of them is Shinade, at The Painted Veil She set me on a path to writing a really great blog, that just about anyone can read. She is a really great Friend. The next person I would like to recognize is fracas, at one time she was my ONLY reader, can you imagine that just one person read my blog for months! She always came by and looked at my cakes just to drool, She always left me little comments and I just LOVE her Blog, She is a hoot! I love Fracas because she never gave up on me or my little Blog. Another site I just love is Blogs we Love , They review blogs for free because they like the blog, but the best part is you get to read Blogs you might not have found if not for them. Speaking of Blogs we love, They are doing Blogathon 2007 this year, Blogathon is an annual event where bloggers come together to blog for their favorite charities. They are donating to The Glaucoma Foundation so go make a pledge and help make a difference for someone in need .You will get that warm and fuzzy feeling I promise.
The friendships I gain makes it worth the criticism's I get. So if you don't like a Blog, Don't leave a nasty or rude message, just hit the huge X on the right...... Just think before you say something because you never know how powerful your words may be.....
I like my Blog and I hope you, my readers do to, I will keep pecking away at the keys and try every day to make it worth coming to read. I am after all the Queen of Sweet......


Not a Granny said...

That is ridiculas. I was tagged for that same meme and there was no information in what I recieved to link it back to the original.

You know, I do this for fun, nothing else. I lurked for quite some time before I came out of the closet.

I think some people have way too much time on their hands! (by the way I like your site, I have you in my favs and bloglines)!

Sheila said...

I blog only for myself as well, and if someone finds me entertaining enough to stick around, thats great! Otherwise, I agree, they can leave.

Bill Blunt said...

Thanks for your kind comments - here's a big cyberhug for you!


Tish said...

Thanks so much for the mention about blogathon! :) You're the best. I am going to enter you into the contest for the polliwog!

Btw, I'll be coming back shortly with news for you! :)

Have a great night.

A Week In The Life of A Redhead said...

And who sets up these rules for blogging anyways?
If you love what you are doing then CONTINUE doing it.
Some of the hot technical sites bore me to tears and I am sure they follow those guidelines.
Blogs are like pages of a magazine, some opt to look in Oprah, others in Yoda, and others in Mechanical Science. What works for one readers tastes is different for another.
And charging for a review? Excuse me, but that is just bullshi*. I never heard of a restaurant critic charging for a review, and I wouldn't pay for a review of my blog.
If you google Nice4Rice (, Spud Oregon will give you some free advice on your blog and he is a sweet kid. He just had a baby, so I don't know how well he will be at handling his blog for a little while.
I see you have commentors, so obviously you are doing something right!
Catherine, the redhead

fracas said...

Judy, don't let it get you down. Some people take blogging very seriously and treat it like a business, hoping to make money from it. That's where the "pay per post" and "pay for a review" things come from.

Not everyone blogs for that reason and so if you're blogging for personal reasons, for fun and aren't worried about money from it, then blog in the way that makes you happy. The people that care about you will read you no matter what your style and that's all that matters!

The "professional" money seeking blogs kind of have to provide blogging "tips" and their posts are supposed to be on the "professional side" so don't take offense to what you read there; those tips are meant for other people trying to be "professional" at it. Personal blogging is just that, personal.

Remember that quote from the Pink song (on my blog)? Make your own rules... beacuse you can!


Sugar Queens Dream said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Sugar Queens Dream said...

Not a Granny, I got links but they were not live and in my hurry up and edit later way I did not check the links well. It was my Fault anyone here with a wet noodle!

Sheila, I Blog for the same reasons as many people, I just tend to have a softer heart LOL

Bill, All this hugging makes me feel special LOL

Tish, That is so sweet of you although I didn't do it for a plug or a polliwog, Thank you ,You rock!
I await your news on the edge of my seat :)

Redhead, I think there is a blog President somewhere and maybe even Blog patrol! I may be getting ticket as we speak!

Fracas, You are so level headed for a Fracas.... I really understand what you're saying now. I wish I had talked to you before I went postal and all LOL LOL
Hugs to you my Dear Friend,Because if not for you I would not be Blogging still!

To Everyone who reads my Blog, I really care what you think. Although I Blog because I'm so damn crazy and this is cheap therapy (JK) I really Blog because I love it.... I hope in some small way you all like what I write about. I know sometimes I won't say things that everyone agrees with but then I wouldn't be me if I did.... Peace!

Shinade said...

Don't you ever dream about quitting...I love coming to your blog. You blog mush as I simply write about the things you enjoy or you are concerned about.

Now I don't know who this person is...but, I would just imagine that they are not 100% foolproof please do not let this discourage you....I can get to florida you know my hubby does drive a truck:) Big,big...hugs, Jackie

Shinade said...

I bet my blog would definitely score a zero....because I do break most of the rules....please email me the link as I am really curious to see just how many mistakes I too am making....keep your chin-up....hey you want my white horse that rides through my site every once in a while when some arrogant person really ticks me off?

Sugar Queens Dream said...

As Fracas so eloquently stated this was more than likely for a professional blog. It wasn't anything this person said to me but just the way I read the post on this persons blog. I make lots of errors. But I really think I do just fine. I get lots of hits and people do leave comments. I think I have thin skin sometimes.... I have learned one thing though, with all us hens protecting each other we could peck someone to death in seconds...