Thursday, July 26, 2007

Something wonderful is in the air........

Bella Kay Age 5 and 3/4 Months

BB as I call her is named after me, She shares the same Middle name as I have. Her name means "Beautiful Older Sister" (even though shes an only child at this time)
You know last year I wasn't thinking about Blogs, New Friends, Writing or even moving again. I was just waiting for My precious Grand Daughter to be born, I was worried she wouldn't even make it. My Daughter had a really hard pregnancy and I don't have a good track record on getting things to work my way.
This year has been Grand in so many ways.
February 3RD 2007, My little Bella Kay was born, Let me tell you, this little Girl rocks my world!

I have moved into a house I adore! Its just so pretty and its nice and it even smells new still. Everything is in great working order, The A/C keeps my hot flashes down to a dull roar, I have the best kitchen and I'm finding treasures I'd forgot I had every day. Life is good.....

Rooster, Hen & chicks ~ the medium is Oil chalk.

My Cookie Jar collection

~~Sugar Queen's Dream is a Schmooze of a blog~~

All this leads me to the next thing that's good in my life.... I have captured the attention of another Blogger and She has awarded me with the Schmooze award. I never knew I was a schmooze until now! The Award was originally created by Mike of Ordinary Folk and Danielle of Pink Reviews .
The Award was given to me by Tish at The Kat House.
I think Tish is such a sweet person and I just love reading her Blog. Tish's Blog is well written and she offers up some very interesting subjects with just the right amount of humor. I really love the fact that Tish lives in Tennessee, Go Lady Vols! I used to live in Tennessee and if I had a choice right now I'd still be there. I call it MY sweet Tennessee. Tish also has 2 of my favorite dogs... a Black Lab mix named Molly and a Dalmatian named
Cruella. Love the names.
This is what Tish said at her blog about me:
Sugar Queen's Dream: I’ve been reading Sugar Queen’s blog for a short while now, and her friendly nature never ceases to amaze me. I’ve seen her making rounds all over the
blogosphere. It seems that ever time I read a blog, I’ll see a comment from Sugar Queen! Quite the schmoozer indeed!
Thank you Tish for this Award, I really, really love it!

Now for the hard part.... I have to choose some
Schmoozer's of my own.....
1. Shelli's Sentiments : Shelli is the sweetest Lady around , She read in one of my posts that I had lost a child and she wanted to know more so in private she asked me. I loved her then, because she cared enough about my feelings to think about how I would feel about sharing in public a very private part of my life.
2. Christy's Coffee Break I love Coffee and it seemed only natural I should pick
Christy, No really this lady is a dynamo! She authors 3 Blogs that I know of and always has time to leave me comments. Shes link loved me before and I just plain Like her!
3.The Queen of E I am choosing the Queen of E, NOT because She is my Daughter. But because once you get to know her, you will find she is heaven sent. She is the biggest Schmooze around!! She is kind and thoughtful. She is loving and brings Joy. She went from being the middle child to being the oldest and has handled it very well. I love this Sweetie pie with all my heart and why not, there's lots to love about Erin.....
4. The Blog Fairy! Who hasn't heard of the blog fairy, She goes around and spreads her award all over . She makes people happy and for some time she didn't even have a blog! Isn't that a hoot. Well she is in the process of making a blog and I think She deserves an award for all the schmoozing she does here, there and every where...
Now I always have a hard time choosing, not because I don't love everyone but because I'm running out of people that haven't already won !
Congratulations to all and Now it’s your turn to pick your own Winners...

I had fun telling you a little about things that are really going well right now for me and also sharing my BB with you all. I also had such a great time choosing who the award would go to next.
Until next time....


Christy said...

First of all, your granddaughter is absolutely gorgeous! She's so sweet!

Second of all, thank you for listing me as a schmoozer (I hope I spelled that right).

And thirdly, I hope you are enjoying your new home!! It sounds wonderful, I wish I had air conditioning, I'm tired of feeling sticky and icky!

Take care and thank you! :)

Sugar Queens Dream said...

Thank you Christy, I so love my little Bella, I do love my new home and I have felt at home since the minute I walked in the front door.
As far as you being a Schmooze, You are so I proudly picked you. You are a wonderful person and like I said I love your blog[s]....

Shelli said...

Thank you, my friend! I'm honored.

Your Bella is beautiful just like my Belle. It's because we are awesome grandmas. Beautiful, young, awesome grandmas!

darlene said...

ah she is darling!!...can see why you would be proud!!
how is the unpacking going?

EllorionsAngel said...

Thank You Momma!!

I am very honored!
*brought on happy tears* =D

Adria Balgassi said...

BB is beautiful! :D

Sugar Queens Dream said...

Shelli, Shes a doll! yes I'm awesome LOL you are too!

Darlene, Shes a sweety TY and It's happening slow but steady...

Erin, I am proud you are my Daughter!

Adria , I think so too ;-)