Wednesday, July 04, 2007

The Voyage of the Steven P......

This story is dedicated in loving Memory of Steven K. Popwell, For without him the mighty little Steven P. wouldn't have a name. Rest in Peace Sweet one, you are always remembered.....
11-13-86 to 08-13-06

This is the story of the Steven P.
The Steven P was not always called by that name , For years the nameless little push boat just helped push the work barges to and from Marina Job sites . But then last year, S E Cline Construction lost a valuable employee, a Friend , and a Family member...... He was a fine young Man and all who came in contact with him felt the genuine friendliness of him. He worked for my Husband , He was a friend, like a Son to us and we miss him terribly.

It was decided that the little push boat would have a new honer , It would finally get a name.
With Steve's families permission the little boat was named the Steven P.
The Boat most days has a less than glamorous job. The Little Boat could use a coat or two of paint . It could even use a seat or two. but heart, it"s got. It a loyal little boat that gets the job done every time, sorta like Steve.

The Steven P.

Fire Works loaded and ready to be launched.

another shot of the wrapped fire works.

Approaching a draw bridge.

This week the Boat has a very special task, It was to push the barge that was loaded with huge fire works,down river for the Ormond Beach 4Th. of July fire works show. Days before, threatened by rain, they had wrapped each one of the mortars with plastic to protect them . It was asked, if they could shoot them off if it was raining and they were told they could launch them with 4 inches of water in the tubes. It's a good thing they did, because today we got 3.5 inches of rain. The Company using the barge is, Santore & Sons ,here in Bunnell
Florida , They are one, of about 15 Companies left in the United Sates that makes their own fire works. The process is painstaking detailed and its just cheaper to buy them elsewhere. 80 to 90 % of the Fireworks sold in the United States are made in China. At Santore & Sons about 50 workers have spent months hand gluing and assembling thousands of fireworks. Their handiwork will be used in shows as far away as San Antonio and Chicago and as close as Ormond Beach,Port Orange and St Augustine Florida.
Santore & Sons Products are used in about 400 shows across the Country.
The show tonight costs approximately 50 Thousand Dollars and will last around 30 minutes.
The Steven P. Helped bring joy to hundreds of people on this day , Just like Steve did.
So Steve, in a round about way you did it again buddy, you made people watch in awe, smile and be proud....

I don't know about you all, but there's something about watching the "Bombs" bursting in air that makes me proud to say I am American. Today is our Nations Birthday and I would like to say , Happy Birthday America.
May you stand proud, free and and invincible against all adversities....
The United States is a mecca of all nations, many people escaping for generations, fates worse than death , having come here to live the American dream , to be free......



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What a beautiful post! Thank you!

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