Monday, August 27, 2007

The best Meme ever!

Santa has created the Best Meme Ever!

Christy at Christy's coffee break Tagged me for this one and I am so proud to join in!!!
Santa Claus has created the best meme ever because it's all about Christmas. I love it because I love everything that Christmas means. Answer the questions and then pass the Meme around. Don't forget to link back to Santa's original post so we can show appreciation in the form of a link.

What is your favorite Christmas gift?

A china Cabinet that my In Laws gave me about 18 years ago, I have to this day never used it for china, It holds treasures from my life, my Children's lives and My Husbands life....

What is your best memory of Christmas?

Always no matter how bleak the year looked we always knew Santa would fill our socks with fruit, nuts and candy And that the tree would be up and full of gifts when we awoke Christmas morning, no matter if we had gave our Mom a run for her money through the year!

Depending on where you live do you have a hot or cold Christmas?

Its sometimes chilly and some times warm, depends on the weather here in Florida....

Would you prefer to try the opposite weather at least just once?

Yes!!!! I would love to have another white Christmas . I love the snow and think somehow I am cheated every year with the sand and sun!

What do you prefer in a tree? Fake or real?

Real , REAL and did I say Real!!!!!!

What is your favorite Carol?

What child is this

What is your favorite Christmas Dinner?

Ham, Stuffing, green bean casserole, yams, mashed potatoes, cranberries,pies, fruit salad, everything!!!

Do you wear a Santa Hat at Christmas?

Yes and they think I'm crazy, But I don't care!

Have you ever seen me delivering your gifts?

Once I thought I saw you but it was my Mom standing at my door watching to make sure we were really in bed!

I have to say this I LOVE LOVE LOVE Christmas and every thing that comes with it!
I try and remember the reason for the season but I also try and remember that Christmas is a magical time and its not just for children!
Merry Christmas !

If any of you would like to join in this meme Do it !!!!


Santa Claus said...

Ho! Ho! Ho!

Thankyou for sharing your Christmas with us. I almost felt like I was there. Oh Wait!!! I was!! Ho! Ho! Ho!

Santa ô¿ô

Shinade said...

Oh now this one sounds so fun...I think I will do this one ...hope everything else is okay...I am always only one phone call or an email away. XX'S jackie