Monday, August 27, 2007

Not just another award....

I get awards so much now, that one would think they start becoming expected. Thats simply NOT true! I love and adore each one that is given to me. This award I am posting today comes via Shanide at The painted veil The "I love your blog" award started at Blogs we love.
Thank you Shinade for this award , I love it and I also heart your Blog too!
I respect the blogs and their authors. They are avid Bloggers( Mike and Tish) and they take blogging very seriously and I think that is what is helping others take blogging serious too.
I have to say that being awarded a treasure of this level is awesome and I won't forget it. I don't see that, I have to pass this award down, so I think I will wait until I find a blog that I think really fits the "I heart your Blog" award.... I have many that come to mind bit want to really sit on this egg and "hatch" it right.LOL!

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