Tuesday, August 14, 2007

The Face Off Meme

These are pictures of me in thought.....
Christy from "Christy's Coffee Break" tagged me for the "Face Off" Meme. I am one of them rare people who loves Meme's because you learn so much about people from them. I hope I do this one justice!
Here Goes:

Description:5 foot 2 inches, I'm So NOT gonna divulge my weight, It's nun ya!
Hazel eyes, Brown hair with gray taking over regularly! I am so in love with my Family and my Friends and consider most of the Blogging world Friends....

Title:Sugar Queen's Dream, A "self help" group centered around the one that needs help-Me! LOL

Name: Judy Bromer

Country: USA

Occupation: Cake Decorator- Deli worker

E-Mail: sugarqueensdream@gmail.com

Birthday: October 21

Favorite color: Black, Greens and Red

Favorite drink: Coffee, Coke

Favorite fruit: Bananas,Peaches and mango's

Favorite dessert: Cupcakes and Cake of course, but Pie runs a real close second.

Hobbies: Quilting, Scrap Booking, Photography, Painting and Blogging!

Some other blogs that have picture of me: JohnC. @ fuel myBlogs Friday review
I don't know if anyone else has one LOL

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christy's coffee break Sugar Queen's Dream

OK, now the fun part a tag of peeps!
Hmmmm there's YOU, yes you over there! And YOU the cute one in the corner, Yes, you do it too. And of course the pretty YOU over to the left , I'm tagging you too!
I just don't know who to tag let me think about it LOL.... So consider yourself tagged ---- If you want, if not well, Kiss my grits! {LOL}
I think if I tag another person for a Meme they may well shoot me, the last time I tagged someone she put a disclaimer up stating she would do no more tags except the one for an award she wanted, HA!
I love them all just not picking someone to irritate with a tag LOL!
Peace, you sweeties !


JohnC said...

Spotted the birthday, but not the age. hehehehe

Sugar Queens Dream said...

I'm 48 , well almost 49. I was born in 1958 ~~

darlene said...

hee hee, don't we all look like that when we are on the computer....Doh!

Sugar Queens Dream said...

lol Darlene!

Shinade said...

I have one of you...but, you always forget me anymore...but, thats okay I still love you anyhoo....happy birthday...happy anniversary...and happy me...I got out of Hughesnet's doghouse:)))))