Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Tuesday's time for work

I work today at my new job, I am slightly nervous and really can't say why, Well it could be the flaming rotisserie, Who knows LOL
I train today on that beast and have yet to see it. All I have heard is the hub bub of "the Flaming Rotisserie" and "ooh you have to train on it" and "we have to get you trained on the flaming rotisserie", hmmmmm I wonder if when I get there it will be a barrel out back with flames painted on it LOL LOL
I have a little silly feeling in the pit of my tummy.... why, I don't know, but if I find out I will let you know.

My Daughter and the [trying to be nice here] ass hole Boyfriend, Sorry that is as close as I can reach for nice when it comes to him, are staying here and trying to work out their financial mess. I have worried and thought this over in my mind and would like to shake the both of them and promptly sit them down with a person who has lived on the streets and maybe they could talk some sense into the nut balls! I don't think they thank their lucky stars enough because as I have said a hundred times the average family is one paycheck away from homelessness and that scares the stuff out of me!

We are having a Garage sale this weekend LOL , Never done that before, wish us luck!

This month I have been married the second time for 18 years! Holy crap how did I do that! the first one lasted unlucky 13 years and I had to get rid of him, although he DID give me 3 things[Children] that I could never of had with out the piece of shit work!

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