Saturday, August 11, 2007

Just when all else fails......

Something wonderful happens and life feels good again!
No, as far as I know the SH and my Daughter are still moving.
This is Something bigger, for ME, After all it is about me right, OK, so not always but for right now it is! I have been Blogging for over a year but active for the past 5-6 months. I have added all sorts of widgets and little things to make this Blog more like me, I'm the kind of person who isn't satisfied until every thing is in its place, You know pictures on the walls, throw rugs here and there, little candles..... Well I joined Fuel My Blog awhile back and have been fueling people here and there and I also joined the FMB Forum and added here and there to it as well. I saw that they had a Friday Site review by John C. [his Blog is Homeless Family in Jacksonville], [this blog is near and dear to me because I live in Florida also , actually 56 miles from Jacksonville] But I requested my blog be reviewed a few months ago, but I'm so glad that John C waited because, as with everything else in my life, I have grown tremendously in blogging. If he had done this before I may have been known as a foodie Blog and as of late my Blog is anything but!
Anyway you can go have a look at it here : Fridays Blog Review, in search of....
Now as struck as I was by him even doing it I was struck MORE by his last statement , It gave me a feeling of pride, warmth and also joy he said this : "The only time I won't shop Publix will be when she does cakes in my town!" ~ JohnC
That will remain in my heart always because I think that is the nicest thing anyone has ever said about my cakes in a indirect way :)
Thank You John C .....
You made the first day at my new job a happy one and you made it worth every raw detail of my life I have spewed , I know some read and some watch but all will understand at some
point ....
as always ....


darlene said...

hey girl, you have 2 awards waiting for you from a few days ago!....come see!!

EllorionsAngel said...

This is wonderful news Mom!
I even went over and read his review!

John C said...


You're very welcome. You're actually one of my regular reads, due to 'spewage', being so close to my physically, and the most...being about YOU.

Lots of warmth and love lady, and best on your new work environment.

Sugar Queens Dream said...

Dar, Thanks I WILL get the awards up asap!, Have my Grad Daughter today so all has been dirty diapers and formula! LOL
Erin, TY I of course know you are partial LOL!
and JohnC. I don't think anyone has said a sweeter thing to me. You are tops in my Blogging heart! Thanks for reading regularly! It really means the world to me !