Monday, August 06, 2007

Life Happens!

The significant problems we face cannot be solved at the
same level of thinking we were at when we created them.
-Albert Einstein-

I was laying in bed the other night reflecting on my current happiness and life, I felt that for the first time in many years I was truly happy, I don't worry any more, well much. Georg and I are getting along better than we ever have, Life is grand.
All of my bills are being paid . I love my new home and Georg and I are discussing buying it. Things are good, Hmmmmm. They are to good........ That's what I lay there thinking. For the past 10 years my life has been filled with money problems and moving, not making enough money or making enough just not spending it correctly. Kids and the issues with Kids , Blended Family and the issues with that. Me and Georg arguing over not just one thing BUT anything.... But as I lay there I thought things have really changed since we moved here, Georg has taken over the Bills and is doing better than I did. I have a new job, I start Wednesday, at the bakery in Winn Dixie. I want for nothing except Insurance and I may just get that soon with this new job. I do something positive every day. I move around and get lots of exercise..... I even went out on a girls night out Saturday night, My Friend treated and it felt fun to be just a girl having fun again. No men just me and her. We decided that we will be doing this once a month now and I have to admit I love the idea.
So I lay there in the bed and I thought, through heavy breaths and sighing , It's too good. I have never been this happy and to be really blunt, I don't know how to handle it! I suddenly decided to just let life happen and not to stress over it, because, It is what It is and I can do nothing to change that. I was really not a nice person when I was all balled up in a nervous menopausal ball......
So Today I went to pickup my precious :
Bella Kay
My Daughter has been having some money problems and well, its because she doesn't have a job and that's HER fault and the lazy arse that she lives with. He is a real scum bag. A lazy jerk, that I swear I would like to send off on a beer run to another planet and not give him return air fare........ I can not stand him, He knows it and he gloats in my face because he knows he has my Daughter wrapped around his finger, I don't know why, but he does..... Anyway, She says to me, Well the dumb ass Robert I say ....wont, refuses to , sleeps until noon and is the laziest piece of shit that,I,me, we , my husband, everyone has ever met can't get a job. I look at her and say this and YES I said it, Well deary you have to want a job to get a job and he doesn't seem to want one, He would rather roam around at night "finding " things to sell during the day, than work. I also called him a thief but that didn't go over too well *blink blink*. So anyway, she tells me that his Mother says he can get a job down there.( him and his so called mother don't talk more than 2 times a year and all of a sudden shes up for mother of the year??????) Where's down there I asked, She says Deerfield beach...... I can't tell you how that just stabbed my heart out. I will never get down that way. The people drive like crazy and besides I just got a job that I'm gonna have to work all holidays except Christmas , every weekend just about and nights to boot, When am I going to be able to I refuse to go down the roads to get there and besides if the lazy jerk would not have quit the job he had and work like any self respecting man he would not be in this mess.... He quit a job that I think hes lying to me and they fired him for what ever reason.... I also think he's back on drugs and it is enough to make me see real red before my eyes...... My Daughter and Grand Daughter is all I think of, I will miss them and I can't think of life without the Grand Daughter I waited so long for. I hope she sees the light and gets rid of his worthless ass! I don't even want to think about it so I am writing this and letting it go in hopes things will change...........
So as it turns out I don't have everything to be happy about But I do have a lot to be happy about and I sure won't question it again!

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